Recap- They made it back to the camp, Ava has a bad hangover, They had to make a decision for Andrea to stay or to kill her, Andrea now has to stay with them and Lucy just now told Andrea the news.

-3rd Person-

"No no that can happen! I have to go back to my family!" Andrea exclaimed with a worried face.

After they had made their decision for Andrea to stay Lucy was extremely excited to tell her. She must have made a good connection with her, well Lucy gets along with everybody. She, very much like their mother, made friends very fast because they were friendlier than the rest of the family. Andrea ran out of the fairly large tent and came to the circle where the Indians were. She look frightened, mad, and confused all in one facial expression. Pause looked around then back at Andrea.

"It was either you have to stay here or we have to kill you...." Pause kept his facial expression unclear.

"Why?! Why do I have to stay here or be killed?!" Andrea was more scared and confused than anything, not to mention that she really didn't feel like being killed today.

Lucy looked down. She looked scared and sad.

"S-so you don't want to stay here with us?" She said looking at her with sad and confused eyes.

Andrea immediately felt guilty for what she said especially after Lucy seemed so excited for her to stay. She had family that needed her and if she would have known that getting lost in the woods would mean that she had to stay in the woods she would have turned Alex down and just keep on her way. It took Andrea a couple of minutes to calm down...but she only calmed down enough to be able to speak without stuttering or losing her train of thought.

"So why do I have to stay here in the first place?" Andrea said earning a glance from Alex.

" that's a really funny story..." Lucy Began

"We are kinda wanted...." She smiled sheepishly.

Andrea got a horrified look on her face. Well who wouldn't get scared? Especially if it's just a regular average everyday person. Now some people might think well if you get paid to kill people wouldn't it just be a paid service? In this case yes and no. The "Three Indians" how you would say do paid work and some work just for fun.

         The work they do for fun is they will kill a person make sure they spawn some ways away, by either breaking their bed or abusing some glitch, and then they will take some valuable item. Whether they took some diamonds or just a saddle with or without the horse. With what they did right there they just broke two major laws, stealing and abusing glitches. They have stole and abused glitches for years.

       Now how they haven't gotten caught that's a mystery. Yes, people still hire them, because they're known for being able to get the job done under any circumstances.  If you look at the big picture, they're pretty brave. Back to the picture Andrea seemed to have calmed down, but only just a little.

"I demand that you take me home right now!" Andrea said with as much fierceness as she could muster.

Alex looked at her his expression still blank. "We can't do that, sorry." And with that he walked away into the woods to take his shift watching for people.

-Sorry it's short but please don't complain. I tried to make this chapter good, I really did. Thanks for your patience.-

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