Chapter 4 The first training of Seigaku in our school

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After I reminisce of our past. My classmate called me then I forgot that we had our discussion today. We ran towards to our buildings when we saw our teacher was not checking the attendance.

I go to Mam Diane then I got apologized to her and she said to me that your classmates are already at the gym.

Then Mam Diane accepted my apologize then she said to before going to the gym, Yen will accept your sorry today if you to this again, I will give you absent to my record.

I said to my teacher that I will not do this again I will learned this lesson from this.


They are playing tennis as a team without their Captain Tezuka on their side.

With the help of Fuji and Oishi they are started the basic training and playing of the tennis.

I saw them playing tennis as teamwork also I recognized their true power in personal.

They saw me at the stadium then Fuji gave a show about his power then I saw the first time one of his triple counter.

Fuji released  the ball towards to me then I caught the ball and Fuji talked to me at the locker room one-one after their training.

I go to the locker room immediately then my classmates proceed to their rooms after that good training session.

I was there beside the door of the locker room then the other teammates spotted us then they we watching us where they are hiding from us.

The two of us got inside the locker room then we talked about our life in the sport in the near future.

I told Fuji about my future plan to become a tactician. He gave a good advice to me before the game and after the game preparation.

I agreed to Fuji then I gave him some instruction about the upcoming Regional Filipino game.

I told him about my flight going to Japan in next week because we had our family reunion.

They interrupted our good conversation then they are still chatting for tomorrow training.

I stand up and went outside of the locker then I proceed to the classroom.

My teacher gave me an assignment about Game Mechanics. I was still thinking going to Japan this weekend then it was recess time.

I asked my last subject teacher to have his time just only today. My teacher gave a go signal to me then I called all my freshmen year to go to our building after their class because I had a annoucement to make to them.

They will go other side of the building. Marcos said to me all of us or only first years are allowed to the meeting.

I said to him All first year only ok Marcos any question?

Marcos said nothing to me. After the recess all of us go to our respective buildings because this not asual scene yesterday.

Also the Tennis Junior High School go also to their respective abilities in playing their sport. They got seperated.

Our class got interrupted then I told the ithers to opened their computer for my annouced. All of the first year other side opened their computer this not asual scene Yen.

I said to Mam Ria Yes Mam it is not the usual scene I will make an important annoucement just in your time.

Mam gave me a go signal to annoucement to them. Marcos texted me that their computers are ready standby position team leader.

Marcos can you connect to other computers to one another texted back.

We are already connected in other side your building you may start your annoucement to us.

My decision is Iam going to Japan for my family reunion then my comrades were schocked then they suggested not leave.

Wait another one is Fuji and the rest of the Seigaku will be temporary manager while Iam in Japan that is ok to you guys.

It is ok to us Yen we believe that they lack something which is vulnerable to us right guys ? told by Marcos.

Yes We are agree to what you said to us today go Yen do your best in Japan.

Thanks guys for listening. Mam my annoucement is finished you can have the floor Mam?

Thanks Yen for giving the floor to me said Mam Ria to me. I said to her not at all then last words said to me goodluck and have a lot of experience in Japan.


My teachers and batchmates were following my trail then I was so sad to leave them here.

I told them this training will be used for upcoming event this year. They said to me that they wont lose to our opponents.

I go to the Japan terminal and I saw Oishi and Eiji in my plane that was occupied them.

They new the place already after the flight from Manila to Osaka, Japan. I was waited by my cousin Oshitari in the airport then I noticed that I was already occupied by their opponent in tennis Seigaku.

I asked about the others teammates Oishi told me that they remained at my country to trained your schoolmates and also us.

Travelled from airport into my Cousin house when we entered my other cousins ran and hug me when I arrived then They noticed that I had a visitors on my side.

I told their names then they shake hands in front of my cousin. They were chatting then we go out to play our filipino sport touching ball.

Oshitari told that our family reunion will be in 20 days starting today. I will be missed them so much goodluck to your training guys look up at the sky.

I rested and see my cousins are playing already then I got sleep at the balcony. I was carried by Father Kevin and he went to our room.

My other relatives and my vousins are chatting about my future ahead of time. My parents just discussing about my travel in England next year to trained and have good experience in coaching a school while we are in young age.


They are training hard now in Zambales trained their stamina, flexibility and endurance. They survived the first training with them

they enjoyed with them and they are now realized their abilities one another.

Fuji told them not let their defense down. They were resting for awhile and resumed their training.

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