Chapter 20

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Demi's POV

I was prepared tonight to be woken up by Emily's nightmare, but it never came. I'm not saying I'm upset about that but it's a bit weird. I woke up to find that Emily was not beside me and I looked at the time to see that it was 11:00. I guess you could say I'm not an early riser. I put on my dressing gown and went downstairs to find Emily sitting watching telly with maddie. they were having a full on gossip about something and I guess my little talk with Emily last night helped. I left them to it and went into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Dallas was in there with mom and Eddie and everyone just seemed so happy which I loved to see. Dallas walked over to me, "morning dems, I didn't hear Emily last night, did she not have a nightmare?" "no she didn't but I'm a bit confused why" "I'm sure it's nothing to worry about, it probably means she's getting better" I wish that was true but a part of me was telling me it's something more.

Emily's POV

I did not get any sleep last night. After demi said goodnight to me she fell asleep straight away but I just pretended to. I laid there for about an hour with Demi's arms around me but she eventually rolled over and I was able to get out of bed. I walked down the corridor to the big bathroom but I bumped into maddie on my way. It felt different seeing her this time after Demi's little chat with me. I also saw she tweeted about it too which made me feel a lot better. Maddie let out a little scream when she bumped into me and I shushed her immediately as I didn't want demi to wake. "mads why are you up?" "couldn't sleep so I thought id go to the toilet, what about you?" "Exactly the same thing!" "Do you want to come in my room and we can find something to do?" "what about demi? if she wakes and I'm not there she'll freak!" "don't worry about her, she never wakes in the night unless she's disturbed" I gulped at that as she usually wakes up to me screaming. "what about in the morning?" "Emily surely you know by now demi isn't an early riser and she doesn't have to be at rehearsals tomorrow so early so she'll sleep for ages." "Okay but if I get caught it's your fault!!" I said it jokingly and luckily mads caught on. "OH REALLY HUH?!?!" "Shh maddie you'll wake everyone" I pushed her into her room and I followed, closing the door behind me. I'd never been in Maddies room before and it reminded me very much of my old room. Maybe we have more in common than I thought. "so what do you want to do?" She had so many things in her room but I really don't mind what we did as long as I wasn't sleeping. "maddie why couldn't you sleep?"

Maddies POV

Why did she have to ask that? I need to make her believe there's no reason. "I don't know really, I guess I'm just not tired. Why couldn't you sleep?" "oh just thinking about things" "such as?" "oh don't worry it's nothing important" I didn't believe her but I didn't want to be asked so I guess she didn't either. "do you want to play a game?" "umm yeah sure. what game?" "anything, I don't mind" "what about... truth or dare?!?!" "YES" "Emily you told me to be quiet and now you're being loud!" "oops sorry." I love truth or dare, and hopefully me and Emily will get to know a bit more about each other. This is also taking my mind off of other things and I feel like it's doing the same for Emily too. I want to tweet about this.


What time is it? 2am and me and @emilylovatic are playing truth or dare!! Looks like we've got an all nighter ahead of us😝💜

I instantly got loads or replies and most if them were horrible comments about me and Emily. I try to block them out but sometimes they get to me badly.

Emily's POV

"Ok maddie you can start, truth or dare?" "umm dare" Hmm I'm not very good at thinking of things but I know one thing. "Go into Demi's room, without waking her, and take all of her socks out of her draw and put them in the bath" Demi hates it when anything is ever out if place in her room so I knew this would annoy her. "Challenge accepted." I followed maddie out of her room and down the corridor into Demi's. Demi was of course still fast asleep. whilst maddie was completing her dare I creeped over towards demi and took a picture of her. she looks so cute when she's sleeping and I know this picture may come in handy if I ever need revenge. The night went so quick and it got to 7 in the morning so we decided to go downstairs and watch some telly. I have got to know mads so much better and I feel like she's my best friend now. Demi came downstairs at around 11 but me and maddie just kept on talking. I guess she hadn't noticed the socks yet. What were we going to tell her when she found out? Shit we did not think this through. Demi will be so angry if she finds out we didn't sleep.

Authors note

Bit of a longer chapter for you today. please let me know what you're thinking of the story! Love you all and stay strong<3

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