Close As Strangers (part 3)

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Luke's P.O.V.

Yes! It's now two months.I'm so excited to see Y/N.But I don't think she'll talk to me.That'll hurt like fuck.

I'm now in the airport.Because of my excitement,i kept on running because I want to see Y/N so bad.I can't wait to tackle her and and kiss her all night like I used to do.

"I'm gonna see Y/N again!" I cheered so loud that some people looked at me.

"Congrats?" Ashton chuckled as we both walked inside the van.

I sat down in between Mashton.I feel comfy in between them.Welcome back to Australia Hemmo.


"I'm home!" I shouted as I ran inside me and Y/N's apartment.

Wait...When I got inside..The room was crowded and it was messy.It's like an earthquake came.

I kept on running around trying to find Y/N but she's still unfound.Where is she? Why did she leave the apartment?

I sat on the couch.I miss this couch.I feel at home...wait,I am.

I sigh and called Y/N.

"hello? Y/N?" I asked on the phone.

It took minutes after she replied.

"h...hello.." She replies lowly.

"Babe,I'm home....why'd you leave the apartment?" I asked trying not to cry because I missed her voice.

There was a minute of silence then i heard her cry.

She cries "Luke...i...I'm sorry...i's just..." She stutters.

"What babe?"  I asked worriedly and tears brimmed my eyes.

I should'nt have gone away...I hurted her.

"Luke...I'm glad you're home..." She sniffs "'re losing me."


"What? Wait....what do you mean Y/N?" I asked worriedly.what does she mean?

"Luke...i told you...Everything has changed...i tried to commit suicide because I thought you'll be gone forever..But now I realized that my life was better when you left...I had my "Me" time.I rested and I was enjoying my life peacefully without you.I was wrong.I thought my life would be horrible when you left.But it did became better.That's why I think we should separate for a while.My life is better without you." She says...

I couldn't believe what I heard.She was better off without me..But I think she was lying.I know she was hurt when I left her..She is lying...i know that.i should see her.

"Babe," I sob and wiped my tears. "Where are you?"

"I shouldn't tell you Luke...bye." She says and hung up.

"What the..." I mumble to myself and leaned on the couch.

I know she was lying.

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