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*** unknow POV ***

Once we were all up we decided to move on and try to make it to the end portal, but little did we know our plans would be rudely interrupted.

" Hey Jordan do you have any steak?" I asked.

"Which Jordan?" asked one of the Jordans.

"Sparkles." I replied rolling my eyes.

"Yea, here," said Jordan said handing him some food.(captain sparkles if u didn't connect the dots).

We had a big team. we're pretty decent pvpers but, since the loss of our first leader, Ant, aka one of the best pvpers to ever play minecraft but, he's gone now. plus we also lost our crazy person, bash but, we can't morn the dead forever, it won't help the situation that we're already in. anyways, our team is made up of Jordan (captain sparkles), Jordan (perpetual Jordan), Ross (house owner), Kyle (kkcomics), Jason (trueMU), and myself, Ian (ssundee). our former members were bash, ant , and Tyler. sparkles is our 'leader'. well he started the whole thing so we, without really doing it, nominated him as the leader.

"What are we going to do?" asked Ross.

"We are going to the end portal." replied sparkles.

"And with our luck we'll have to dig our way there." Kyle just had to put his 2 cents in.

"Oh well," said Jordan in his amazing accent.

"Why don't we look around the mountain to see if anyone has already started to make their way down to the portal? it would save us time, effort, and resources." said Ross.

"We can look but, i think we might all end up dead if the people haven't finished and aren't friendly, we'd just be mooching off them then." said sparkles.

Ross said nothing in reply.

"We should just look to see if we'll run into anyone." I said.

**** Quentin's POV ****

We had made lots of progress because after we had all finally gotten up we got goin with the mining and made it somewhere.

"Are we almost done?" wined Tyler.

" Do you not relise that none of us have any idea nor do we have any way to know?" Angie bust out at him.

"No." Tyler said bluntly.

"Big shocker." said Adam.

"Hey!" Tyler got all defensive because of his own stupidity.

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