Promise? Promise. (Nico di Angelo)

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This chapter has A LOT of TFIOS references and this chapter will be like TFIOS.... We love TFIOS so we decided to make a chapter dedicated to it.

-K and A


My boyfriend is Nico di Angelo, son of Hades.

We met a few years back in an old boarding school we both used to go to.

During the night of the dance, everything changed.

Lady Artemis and her hunters tried to convince me to join the hunt but i refused.

It just felt wrong for me to leave Nico in a flash but his sister did.

The hunters set up tents that night so i had my own.

I didn't hear anything from Nico's tent which was weird cause he was usually happy and cheery.

I unzipped the tent and saw Nico silently crying.

"Hey Nico....." I said.

"(Y/N)? Hi." He said.

"What's the matter?" I asked him.

"Bianca told me everything. I can't believe she joined the hunt! She was my sister! She was always there for me and whenever i needed anything, she would always lend a hand." He said.

"Its okay. I promise that she'll still be there for you." I said.

"Why didn't you join the hunt? I bet you wanted to." He said.

"No. I won't leave you. You the only friend I had that accepted me for who I really am." I said.

"That's the first time I heard someone say that." He finally smiled.

"Really now? You know you're my best friend." I said.

"And you're mine too. Lets make a promise that we'll always be there for each other? Never betray each other, never keep secrets from each other and forever be best friends." He said.

"Promise?" I held out my pinky.

"Promise." He intertwined his pinky with mine.


The day after that we were finally introduced to Camp Half-Blood.


*timeskip to the last olympian*

(A/N lets all pretend Bianca died in Battle)

Nico recently found out that his older sister Bianca died.

I went inside his cabin and saw that his things were insanely messed up.

I found him on the bed, hugging his pillow and crying.

For the first time, i saw him wearing all black and his hair was a mess.

All his Mythomagic cards and action figures were broken.

I walked to the bed and sat next to him, "You okay?" I ask him.

"No. I can't believe it! My only sibling is gone. What will I do now?" He said.

"You know that she's still there for you. She'll always love you." I said.

"Thanks for always being there for me." He said.

I smiled at him.

I looked down at my hand and found out that his hand was holding mine.

"(Y/N), will you be my girlfriend?" He asks me as my heart fills with joy.

I hug him "Of course, death boy."


We went to lots of Adventures together.

We were very close and we loved each other so much.


I walked to the beach for a date with Nico on our anniversary.

I sat down in front of him with a red rose in the middle of the white, circular table.

The day was so perfect.

We spent all afternoon laughing and eating together.

It was truly the best day of my life.

"(Y/N), I need to tell you something." He said.

"Yeah, death boy?" I said.

"I don't think I can let this go on any further." He said.

My smile faded. "What do you mean?" I ask him.

"Someday you'll realize why I am doing this. I don't wanna hurt you. In the end, i don't want to be a grenade that will blow up and hurt you." He said with a dark expression on his face and his eyes full of tears.

"Are you breaking up with me?" Tears were welling up in my eyes.

"It's for the best, i'm sorry." He got from his seat, kissed my cheek and whispered, "Please don't forget me."

My heart sank.

I hate life.


The next day I found out that Nico di Angelo was gone.

He never told me he had cancer.

Nobody not even nectar or ambrosia could fix it.

Even the gods should accept his fate, even though Hades his dad always knew he liked his sisters better, he couldn't help feeling devastated.

I couldn't help feeling regret.

I never got to tell him why I loved him.

I never got to say sorry for the fights we had.

I never got to tell him to kiss me one more time.

I never got to give him the anniversary gift I got him.

I never got the chance to thank him for all that he's done for me.

I ran to his cabin and sat on his bed.

I held out my pinky. "You promised, Nico. You promised."

I felt a pinky intertwine with mine. I looked up and saw Nico in spirit form.

"And I will never break that promise. I love you." He kissed me then disappeared.

"You will never experience oblivion, death boy." I said hugging his pillow.

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