Chapter 21

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Hongbin's POV

Mina's kidnapped.. Damn it ! I hit the couch with my fist. "Kong, try and think where did you guys saved Mina." Ravi asked.

I sighed and started to think hard. "Um.. Ah!" I snapped my fingers then raised my head.

*The address is fake or real idk, I just thought of it.*

"Cheongnam-road ! It's in the basement of a club named 'Rock Ur Body'! But I'm not sure if that club is still there.." I said and ended with a sigh.

"Oh! That club!" Hyuk said then continued. "We went to that club that day!" He shouted then looked at N.

"Ne! Come on, let's go!" N said then we rushed to the van.

Leo's POV

I sat in the van and looked at the window.

'Jagiya.. Wait for me.. Please don't get hurt..' I thought then looked at Ken who was driving.

"Jaehwan.. Hurry." I said then he nodded.

Mina's POV

I woke up and looked at the table in front of me. There was a birthday cake with the number 20 on it.

I looked up slowly then struggled. I noticed that my hands were tied behind my back. Legs tied together.

"Sangil Chukahae baby girl~!" A weird guy sang horribly beside of me. "Ahjussi-" I was cut off by that weird guy.

??? :"It's Appa!"

He shouted then stood up. I thought of the nightmare I had previously. I played along with him.

M :"Appa.. Thanks for remembering my birthday.. Even though it's not.." I mumbled.

I said then he lid up the candles on the cake. He continue singing the birthday. I smiled with fears in my eyes.

"Appa, where are we..?" I asked looking around the dark room. "You don't remember this place..?" He asked getting mad.

"Rock Ur Body's.. Basement..?" I asked. He nodded then sat next to me. He caressed my cheek that made me shiver.

"You're a terrorist that loves being called 'Appa'?!" I asked while turning away.

"Yes! So what?! I'm an attractive guy and I want to do what I want! I didn't make you our sex slave and that means that you're lucky! You still want to argue?!" He shouted then lid his cigarette.

'Our..? There's more of him?!'

He blew the smoke away then took the bud of the cigarette and pushed it onto my skin.

"Ahhhhhh!!!!" I shouted while tears run down my cheeks. "How's does it feel?" He asked while smiling.

I ignored him and tilted my head down. "Stop crying babe~" He said then stroke my hair.

I sobbed harder then he untied my hands. I bowed slightly then wiped my tears.

I looked at the scar that he gave me just now. "P-Please don't hurt me.." I whimpered. He sighed then took off his mask.

My eyes widen because I know who he was.. He was...


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