The Cheif's Return

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"Astrid, please I'm begging you, don't give in, please come back to me!" Shouted Valka who was stilled pinned down by Cloudjumper,

"Oh, she not yours anymore, she belongs to me," Drago said with a mocking tone, he then looked at the Bewilderbeast, and pointed his metal stick over Berk. The giant dragon then commanded every last dragon to attack the vikings. One by one, they dived down, and let out giant fireballs over the houses and people.

"Ahhhhhh!" They all screamed in terror,

"Everyone to the Great Hall!" Yelled Gobber, while he pointed to it with his prosthetic hand. As Heather started running to the Hall, a group of people pushed her, desperately trying to get inside. Just as she was about to get up, Skullcrusher pinned her down, ready to make a kill.

"Heather!" Shouted Eret as ran to the rescue,

"Ahh, Eret!" Screamed Heather, as she was staring into the dragon's mouth which was lighting up, just before he could let out a deadly fireball, Eret punched him, causing him to retreat.

"Sorry boy," he said as he helped Heather up, "Hey, you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks, that was..really brave," said Heather, who's hands were loosely around Eret's neck, he then fixed up her hair, and they moved in closer. They kissed passionately, they then pulled apart and smiled at each other.

"Come on," Eret said while holding her hand, the two then entered the hall safely and walked over to the rest of the gang. The viking's then blocked the door using the tables and chairs, praying that it keep them safe.

"Hehehe, stupid little people," said Drago, he then looked at the Bewilderbeast, who then opened his mouth ready to blast a giant amount of ice onto the hall. But he stopped when he heard a high pitched sound, followed by huge plasma blast, which made him stubble a little bit lowering his tusk near the ground. Astrid and Drago, stubbled a bit as well. Just then Cloudjumper flew up and joined the other dragons, to try and break down the hall's doors. Valka got up and rejoiced.

"Hiccup!" She cried, as she jumped off the Bewilderbeast's tusk,

"Mum!" Hiccup replied as he landed Toothless on Berk, he then ran to his mum and hugged her, "Oh, you have no idea how happy I am to see!"

"Well that makes two us!" Said Valka, still smiling until Drago jumped off the Bewilderbeast's tusk and walked towards them.

"Well, well, you don't give do you?" He said, as he stared at the Bewilderbeast, who then tried to gain control over Toothless.

"Rrhhecckk," cried Toothless in pain, "Rrriiaaaagggghhhh!"

"Oh no, Toothless, you've gotta fight it bud, please!" Cried Hiccup holding onto the dragon's head, Toothless' went cat like he then stared into Hiccup's eyes, "Remember, bud you're the true alpha, you're the rightful king,"

Toothless then closed his eyes and after a few seconds, he opened them, Hiccup sighed in relief, seeing, his best friends regular eyes and not the cat like ones.

"Noo! Impossible!" Dragon as he stabbed the ground with his metal stick,

"It's called loyalty Drago," Hiccup courageously,

"Well then, why don't you use that against her!" Cried Drago as pulled his stick out the ground and pointed it at Astrid, who jumped off, the Bewilderbeast's tusk, and walked zombie like, towards him.

"Good luck getting your way out of this one," Drago said, as then whispered into Astrid's ear, "Kkkiillllll,"

He then handed her a dagger, which was on the ground, Astrid then reluctantly grabbed the dagger out his hands and asked, "Kill.......who?" in a threatening tone, Drago then pointed to Hiccup, who was being defended by Toothless, who circled his tail fin and wing, around Hiccup, while growling.

Hiccup then placed his hand on, Toothless' head and looked down at him, telling him at everything would all right, "Trust me," Toothless' eyes went from tense to sorrowful, he whined softly. Hiccup then walked closer to Astrid, he then turned his head back to Valka, who mouthed, "No," while shaking her head. Hiccup ignored her and took a deep breath in and then out, ready to face Astrid.

"Oh-oh, this is gonna be good," Drago said, as he leaned on the Bewilderbeast's tusk, enjoying what he saw.

"Astrid, hey it's me, Hiccup remember, the dork who had a crush on you forever. Please come back.....come back to me." Hiccup said as started to walk closer to Astrid, who held the dagger tightly in her hand ready to strike. "Astrid, please I know you're in there, you've gotta fight it. You're a strong girl, in fact the strongest, I know because well, you've shown all that strength towards me, with your punches. I've still got bruises," He continued while gesturing to his shoulders. Just then Astrid's eyes, turned slightly blue but then back to black.

"Come on Astrid, fight it!" Shouted Valka,

"Quite!" Shouted Astrid in a frightening tone,

"Astrid, no, she's right, please don't give in," Hiccup said as he walked closer and grabbed Astrid's hand gently, her eyes turned blue, "H-Hiccup," she said with tears sliding down her eyes.

Drago immediately, stopped smiling, "What,"

"Yeah, it's me Astrid, I'm right here, listen I know this isn't the right time, but I can't wait any longer," Hiccup as he reached into his pocket,

"Astrid Hofferson,

When I met you,

I met my destiny.

My one true love,

You'll always be.

If you feel the same,

And I truly hope you do,

There's something very important,

That I want to ask of you.

Instead of "you" and "I,"

Let's become "we."

I'm asking you to share my life,"

He then got down on on knee and showed her the ring, "Will you marry me?" (A/N I didn't write that poem)

Valka started to tear up, and Toothless was wagging his tail like mad, just before, Astrid could say anything, her eyes turned black, and she stabbed Hiccup, right in the chest.

"Yes!" Shouted Drago,

"Noo!" Shouted Valka who ran over to Astrid and pushed her aggressively away from Hiccup,

"Mmgghh," said Toothless, nudging Hiccup softly trying make sure he was okay, Astrid then snapped out of her trance and ran over to Hiccup, who lying still on Valka's lap.

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