Close As Strangers (part 2)

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Luke's P.O.V.

it's been six weeks now since i've been away.I miss Y/N.I didn't even say goodbye to her and I regret that everyday.i kept on calling and texting her everyday but she never answered.I am worried right now.I tried to Skype and tweet her but she never replies.

I'm here right now at me and the boys hotel. I'm now laying down in my bed waiting for Y/N to reply.

I tried to text her again...

Luke : Babe,are you alright? Please reply.I need you right now.I love you so much Y/N...I'm sorry for everything.Especially when I didn't say goodbye. :-(

I sigh and threw my phone on the bed.I kept on remembering me and Y/N's memories.I miss her.


After a couple of minutes...My phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked with a cocky voice.I didn't see who called me.

"Hi," the caller says's more like a whisper.That voice sounds familiar...wait....Y/N!!!

"Babe!" I shout. "How are you? Why didn't you reply? What happened to us? I'm sorry.please forgive me...Do you forgive me?"

"That's a lot of questions..." She sighs "But anyways,all I can say is...Luke...Everything has changed here without you in Australia.And it's amazing." She hangs up

Why'd she hang up??? What does she mean? I dont understand....everything has changed?

Am I losing her?

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