Close As Strangers

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"Babe,I'll only be gone for 2 months." Luke says and held both my hands as I cried.

I leaned on the wall behind me and slowly went down to sit in the floor.I bend my knees over my chest and buried my face in my arms as Luke was kneeling in front of me and tired to wipe my tears.

He's gonna go on tour and he'll leave me here in Sydney for 2 months.

"Babe,You're gonna be fine." He says and finally wiped my tears as my make up ran down into my cheeks because of the tears.

"Luke,I can't....i...i just can't..." I stutter and looked at his pretty blue eyes as he cupped my cheeks.

"Y/ can call me or Skype me anytime you want.You should understand that this is my job." He says as I hug him tight making him pout and he was trying not to cry.

"two months are so long...i can't wait that long....I'll die." I told Luke as he kissed my neck trying you change the subject.

I still cried even though Luke was kissing my neck making me moan.I can't wait for 2 months.It's too long.I can't live without him...i love him.

after minutes of crying while Luke was kissing my neck....I blurted out "Luke...maybe we need to end this relationship of ours."

I felt Luke's eyes grow wider in my neck as he pulled his lips away from my neck "What the fuck Y/N??!!"

"Luke...I'm serious...i can't live like this if you're gone for 2 months..." I sigh as Luke stood up and couldn't believe what he heard.

"Y/N!! if we'll end this'll lose me forever..not just for two months.." Luke started to cry as I stood up and faced him.

"Then I'll find love again..." I whispered in his ear as he sobs and cried "I'll find another guy who doesn't go in tour.A guy who is always here.That he will never leave me."

"Babe,No." Luke pushed me away from him smoothly "If you leave me and find love again,i don't know what will I do with myself.I'll be so hurt.I never meet a girl like you Y/N.I love you so much...I can't live without you.I can't find another girl like you." He sobs and sniffed.


"No Y/N!!!" Luke cuts me off "you and I will not end...we'll be together forever..I promised you that." Luke snaps making me stutter.


"shut up Y/N!" Luke snaps "We're not gonna end.And--"

"Luke tour time.Let's go to the airport." Calum cuts Luke off.When i heard that,My heart was ripped.

Luke gasps "Okay." He whispered and walked out.Not even saying goodbye to me.I tried not to cry because of that.I was so hurt but I let it go.Goodbye Luke...

But wait....are we over?

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