y:hey where are you?

j:I'M home Why?

y:I thought you had to work

j:scooter Gave me  the day off

y:well I'M on my way home now OK?

j:be careful ok?

y:OK I love you

j:I love you to

you two hung up then you see a drunk driver so you slow down because you were pregos but you wanted to tell Justin so you almost rush home then the drunk driver started swerving and hit your car and you were still alive but you felt blood in your pants and your stomach was hit but you didn't feel any pain you got out

Justin pov


uh yes is Mr.bieber?

yes ?

your girlfriend was in a car accident

what?! is my baby OK OMG I'll be right there!!

OK sir

I rush out of the house with no shirt just pants and shoes I walked out to the car and rushed to her location I see an ambulance and y/n crying looks like someone is on there period I laughed a little

y/n are you OK?!

yes the guy hit us she sniffles

oh I'M so gl....... wait we?!

yea....... well it use to be she looked at the ground

WHAT ?! WHERE IS HE I said angry I walked away looking for him

Justin no stop!

I walked up to him talking to the police he didn't look drunk I punched him in face

WHAT THE HE'LL IS WRONG WITH YOU! I keep hitting him until the police stopped me


I'M so sorry y/n it's all m......

no it's not I didn't tell you yet I rushed home to tell you but I was careful he hit Me so it's his fault don't blame yourself please I hate it when your furstrated

OK your right ......but you know that this means we can make another baby I smirked

you little dirty freak she smacked my arm

I love you y/n

I love you to drew!

she knows I hate it when people call me that but hey that's my baby girl y/n!

let's go home  she said

no! I want some icecream! I said whining

fine let's go she looked annoyed

but first you have to change luckly I always have spare pair of you panties and jeans in my car! every one looked this way

oops did I say that out loud?

she  laughed yea you did

let's go I pulled her to the car and we got in she got in the back to change

Dont look OK?


I looked anyway I got a major boner and headache from looking at her vajayjay all that blood! she threw the nasty pair out of the window and put on the fresh pair and her jeans she climbed in the front

hi my name is Justin and this is how I drum I drummed on her but she laughed damn I love that girl

I love you to

I said that out loud to I need to stop!

I know that!

we Drove to the ice cream shop

I'll have a vanilla sundae she said with a sweet.smile

I'll have a strawberry sundae I smiled at the lady and she blushed

I see you still got game but let's see how many bitches I have to beat today! she said

y/n calm down you know I only love you and only you!

thanks baby she kissed me

here are your sundaes ma'am and sir

thanks we both smiled at the lady

she froze

your j-j-justin bieber she fainted

I wrote her a note

hi! nice to see you today I paid for it already and I love you and have a nice day!

make sure she gets it sir!


we got in the car and ate our sundaes

so do you think that lady was cute?

well.... kinda I blushed

Oh she looked out the window

y/n I love you and only you

you know that I would die for you I would do alot for you I love you baby can I have a kiss?

she turned her head and kissed me

so uhm wanna go home?

yea lets cuddle and sleep I said fangirling

OK she giggled we drove home and she ran in the house and up the stairs I just took off my pants and shoes she came down in my shirt on she laid next to me and we cuddled and fell asleep

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