The river

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Maia thought, and thought and thought.

Then it clicked.

"A-A River!! Its a river!!" She began to shout, jumping in the air victoriously.

Esmae looked over to her in shock.

"H-How did you know that...everyone here is too mad to know that....your one of those people aren't you?" She said inspecting Maia.

Maia stepped back "Those people?" She questioned.

Esmae nodded "Yeah...There was a girl here a while back....Alice was her name...The silly girl kept asking me for directions no matter what I said!!" She stated, her tail waving madly.

Maia's eyes widened "If you told her where to go, could you tell me!?"

Esmae nodded "Of course...But that depends on where you want to get to"

Maia looked straight ahead at both of the paths. "Oh well It really doesn't matte-"

"Then it really doesn't matter which way you go!" Esmae said winking.

Maia crossed her arms "Maybe I won't take advice from you after all!"

Esmae pouted "That's what the last girl said....Now you better get that pretzel to Bella quick, before you end up like the last girl" She said making a pretzel appear out of nowhere, and tossing it gently to Maia.

"Wait WHAT!?! Did she die?? was she killed??....Please tell me!! Don't leave me here with Bella!!" Maia began to shout.

But it was too late. With a wave of her tail and a twitch of her nose, she was gone.

Maia waved a hand through the air where Esmae once was, before continuing her journey.

As Maia made her way back to the tea party she noticed that no one was to be seen. (Except for Mayas head, rolling around helplessly)

Suddenly, before Maia could react, A figure leapt out of a nearby tree and straight behind her.

She could feel that the person had long furry ears...She also felt a sharp pen knife pressed against the back of her neck.

"Wheres my Pretzel?" Bella whispered, drawing the knife closer.

Before Maia could explain, another figure stepped out of the shadows, holding what seemed to be a sharp golden staff, encrusted with many jewels.

"That's no way to treat a guest Hare"

The figure said, drawing closer.

As Maia looked closer she noticed it was a female. But the question still remained....Who was it?

Yaaaay. so, there are two way this can go.

1. A dangerous battle between Neko and Hare, swiftly ended by an unwelcomed guest.

2. An unexpected arrival, followed by a series of unfortunate events.

comment 1 or 2 to cast your votes.

Have fun!

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