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Nick couldn't see anything. Well he could but it was all a blur. The world was spinning but he felt amazing. Drinking always made him feel that way.

He stumbled out of the smokey club out into the parking lot. He was laughing but he didn't know what was so funny. He just knew that he was in a good mood and the world around him was good. Even if he did just spend an entire week in jail all because of some twink who couldn't defend himself.

"Psh," Nick scoffed, "He wasn't a good lay the first time anyway." 

He mumbled under his breath as he reached his car. He put his head on the hood and sighed happily. Nothing could ruin his good mood. 

"Better get home." He gargled.

He let out a loud burp before standing up and walking to the drivers seat. He unlocked the door after ten minutes of trying to get the key in the hole.

"Tim-Time to go to sleep." 

After a few days of getting things back together each of them headed back to work.. It sucked but they couldn't hide from adult hood forever. 

Harry was happy to be back at work and distracting himself. He was happy to know that he'd be going home to his best friends and talking to the love of his life. 


"Yeah Charles?"

"An officer wants to talk to you. He's in my office. Go on, I'll get someone to take your spot."

Harry nodded and nervously walked into Charles office and closed the door behind him. An officer stood staring at the pictures on the wall but turned to look at Harry when the door shut.

"Harry Styles?"

"Yes sir."

"I'm Officer Kayden. You don't remember me but I'm friends with your step father. Please have a seat." 

Harry nervously sat down as Officer Kayden sat across from him.

"You're not in trouble, Harry. Take a deep breath."

Harry nodded and let out a shaky breath, "What's going on?"

"We have been told about Nick Grimshaw and all that he had done to you and your friends recently in the last few weeks. As you're aware he has been let out of jail recently."

"Unfortunately." Harry sighed.

"Well there is some news on him. He wasn't out of jail for long but we were able to get things together before contacting you. Robin was told first and he said that you needed to be contacted immediately."

"What happened?"

"He decided to celebarate his freedom by drinking and getting behind the wheel. He was too intoxicated to even walk and he ended up crashing into quite a few cars in the parking lot of the club. He pulled out of the parking lot and drove far enough to cross the street and slam his car into the old police station."

Harry pushed a hand through his hair, "Is he-"

"Back in the slammer? Yes. We were finally able to dig through his files and see a list of things that he had gotten charged for in the past. Charged but never spent enough time for it. Seeing as none of those cases have grown cold yet we decided to act on them ourselves. I just wanted to let you know that you don't have to worry about him for a while. He's pretty much screwed up for a few years."

Harry smiled, "That's a huge relief. Thank you so much for telling me."

"No problem, Harry. But I do suggest you get out and talk to Robin and Anne. I'm sure they'd appreciate it. I'll talk to your boss if I have to."

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