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Chapter 8

Kaleb POV

Beep beep beep beep ugh! That stupid alarm clock I still can't believe my mom moved my alarm clock from my Bed side all the way towards my dresser. It's fucking annoying. Last night after coming home from the restaurant all I could think about was that kiss that I shared with Lina? God was it a mistake? Couldn't be she kissed me back though, I gotta go talk to her. After sitting on my bed for what seemed like hours I got up and showered and got ready. Today was Saturday I'm just hoping that she is working today.

My phone rang looking down at the caller and it was Brice my best friend since 4th grade.


"Ay Kaleb my man what's up?"

"Not much just gonna leave my house pretty soon"

"Cool but you still coming to the party tonight right?" Shit that was tonight?

"Yeah I'll be there"

"Alright see you tonight man"

"Yep see ya"

"Mom I'm going out for a bit eat dinner without me tonight!"

I stopped by the restaurant that Lina worked at and they said that her shift didn't start until 8 tonight.

"Hey can I have Lina Samuels number if you have it by any chance"

"Sorry but we don't give out employees personal information"

Duh I knew that seriously Kaleb!

"Oh right never mind"

There's gotta be a way I can contact her. Tyler!

"Ay Brice! You know anybody that has Reece's number?"

"Tyler Reece?"

"Yeah Tyler, know anyone?"

"Yeah Brayden (Brice's brother) knows his brother Jake"

"Nice can you ask him for his brothers number?"

"Yeah but why do you need his number I thought you don't chill with soccer players"

"Nah I just needed him to help me find Lina.

"Wait Lina, Lina Samuels from our chemistry class"

"Yeah her."

"Why you need her for?"

"Ugh! Just shut up with all the thousand questions"

"Fine I got the number I'll send it to you"

"Alright thanks man see you tonight"


Finally got the number so I dialed didn't take long until I heard Tyler answer


"Hey is this Tyler? Tyler Reece?"

"Yeah who's this?"

"It's Kaleb, Kaleb white"

"And you're calling me because"

"I need Lina's number"

"Ha! What she didn't give it to you?"

"No but you're her Bestfriend"

" And your point is?"

"Look are you gonna give me her damn number or not?" I was seriously getting annoyed with this asswipe

"Ay white if you're thinking about playing Lina than you should just forget about it"

"Man it's not even like that I just need her number to talk to her about our agreement I'm sure she's told you about now quit cock blocking and just give me her number"

"I swear if you hurt her I'll end you white"

"Yeah whatever now you're gonna give me her number or what"

"I'll text her and then text you if she gives me permission to"


God why does he gotta be so uptight.

I finally got Lina's number.

I rang it up and she answered. She sounded different on the phone.



"Yeah who's this?"


"Oh hey what's up?"

"Nothing but um can you by chance meet me?"

"Uh sure where?"

"Um I'm not sure"

"Here just come over I'll text you my address and then we can talk I can't leave my house without Rosie and she's sick so"

"Uh yeah that's fine see you in a bit"

"Alright see you"

Finally arrived at Lina's house

I rang the doorbell and a few seconds later a little girl opened the door she looked exactly like Lina she was cute

"Uh hi is mommy here?"

She was shy and then Lina came to the door she looked well damn she looked pretty she had on casual clothes but she looked really good her hair was in a messy side braid and she was wearing glasses

"Oh I'm sorry come in" she said

"Nice house"

"Eh it's whatever it's a little too big for the both of us though"

"What do you mean aren't your parents here?"

I noticed right after I said that she turned pale

she cleared her throat before I could ask.

"Uhm so what did you wanna talk to me about?"

"Oh um well you see remember last night how I wanted to talk to you outside and

"And you're talking about the kiss aren't you" she laughed a little

"Yeah well that was all I could think about yesterday and I think that it was"

"It was a mistake I know" she interrupted

I furrowed my eyebrows and stared at her

"yeah it was"

But was it?


What's up everybody it's Angelbooooh! Well this chapter was too long! But Kaleb though is he Crushin? Does Lina feel the same? Will they ever become a real thing? What will happen? Just read and you'll find out! I'm having fun writing this story. Please read! Thanks!❤️💋

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