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Shot at the night - The killers

Tee shirt - Birdy

Two days ago I called in sick since I couldn’t sleep at all, not a single minute of the time I was laid in bed. My boss told me that it was ok for me not to go and that it was fine to have a couple of days off. I appreciated that detail from him, sometimes Mr Adams could be a little bit harsh sometimes but in reality he was a really kind man. He always wanted the best for the company and worked so hard for it, it was his job after all.

After two days inside my apartment I told myself that I needed to go out, so the first thing I was going to do was visit the doctor. I’ve only had 6 hours of sleep in two days and I couldn’t stand it anymore. I needed some kind of remedy for that so I had a quick shower and dressed myself without trying so hard, just my jeans and a hoodie was all I fancied wearing.

The bus left me in the bus stop near the hospital and I walked all the way to there. The woman who was on the reception – she couldn’t be older than 23 years old – took my name and told me to wait on the waiting room, so I did so. My head was spinning around and I felt like if someone was puncturing me with a needle right on my brain. I closed my eyes and squeezed them in desperation for it to stop but it went even more painful each time. When I opened my eyes everything felt blurry and dizzy and I couldn’t exactly comprehend what was going on.

When I opened my eyes I could feel my head about to explode. I stayed quiet trying to understand where I was, why there was so much light in the room and why I wasn’t in my room. It was kind of a routine now to wake up in strange rooms. The cables around my wrist connected with some machine made me realize that I was in the hospital for some unknown reason. Did something happen to me? In that moment Hannah appeared on the door and I thanked God to have someone here who could explain me what was going on.

“Leah! You’re awake! How are you feeling?” she said sitting next to me.

“I feel like if someone threw a rock at my head, what’s going on?” I asked her and I realized that my throat was really dry and couldn’t barely speak.

“Here, drink this” she said and I had a long sip from a glass of water that was resting on the table next to me.

“Apparently you fainted standing on the waiting room and the doctors put you on bed and had to make you some tests since you didn’t wake up. The level of your vitamins were just so low, you’ve barely eaten anything, haven’t you Leah? Where was the food I always left you on the counter?” she looked at me with worry in her eyes and I immediately felt so sorry. She’s been a really good friend to me making me lunch and dinner every time she had to go out to college or something but I just didn’t want to eat, I felt like if I was going to puke in any moment if I ever had a bite of that food, it’s not that she’s a bad cooker, but my stomach wasn’t feeling really well either as my whole body. “And well, obviously your defences were low too since you haven’t slept anything these days. Dan phoned me super scared because he didn’t know what happened to you. He’s just left”

“Wait, he’s been here?” I asked her confused. How?

“Yeah, he’s been here with you, but went to grab a bite. They called him but he had no clue about you so he called me instead to explain why you were in this state. Hope you had some rest because the doctor gave you really high doses of morphine”

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