Matt's POV

I walked down to the lobby and sat in a chair. I need some space and alone time. I kissed her. I kissed Lily Faith Moore. Nash's girlfriend. I needed to get my mind off her, so I called someone who would help me get my mind, Becca Reese, the girl I met at Disney World. I dialed her number, she picked up on the second ring. ( ✌️=Becca, 🍫=Matt )

✌️~ "Hello?"

🍫~ "Hey, it's Matt."

✌️~ "Hey!"

🍫~ "Can we possibly hang out tomorrow?"

✌️~ "I thought you leave for Georgia tomorrow?"

🍫~ "Shit. I forgot."

✌️~ "Sorry, Matt."

🍫~ "Come to Magcon with me." Smooth.Matt.Smooth.

✌️~ "I don't know, you could be axe murderers!" She giggled.

🍫~ "Please." I was desperate, I need my mind of Lily.

✌️~ "Okay, I'll ask my grandma."

🍫~ "Thanks."

✌️~ "She's nice, she'll probably say yeah."

I smiled to myself and we said our goodbyes. She hung up first.

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