Its only the start

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It was near in the future where there was nothing but snow and an train called snowpiercer. An man named Curtis Everett was fed up of getting treated like dirt and eating protein bar for the past 17 years. He was an kind an gentle man but also had an dark past he never wanted to tell. It was the usual day for them as the guards came from the front of the train and were doing their checks. But things where different then usual.

"Alright you know the deal get in line and sit when we call your row" - an guard said with an stop watch.

"One... Two .... Three ... Four .... Five" - another guard said but Curtis stood standing.

"Sit down" - the guard said to Curtis

"Curtis just sit" - Edgar said who was Curtis close friend as he didn't listen.

"Yeah listen to him if I was you" - the guard said smirking as Curtis sits down.

"Are you fucking crazy... You should of just sit when I told you" - Edgar said

"Shut up Edgar I'm thinking" - Curtis said

"Right witch one of you can play the volin if so raise your hands" - an guard said as two old people stood up.

"Well we both used to play for the Boston band an long time ago" - the old man said

"Show me your hands"- the guard said

"My wife is better though"- the old man was continuing saying when the guard cuts him off.

"We just need you... Come" - the guard said

"But my wife can play good also please" - the old man said sad.

"There is only one place" - the guard said taking the old man away.

"Don't take him away without me please" - the old lady named Doris said

"Just sit down lady" - the guard said

"No!! No don't" - Doris said as the guard slaps her across the face hard as she fell to the ground.

"Shut up and I as I say" - the guard said shouting.

"Those bastards" - Edgar said

"Now is not the time" - Curtis said calmly

"When is then" - Edgar said

"Soon" - Curtis said standing up as the guards went away.

After an few hours of the guards going away. Curtis then heads to an women named Tanya and her son Timmy. Edgar looking softly looking at his hands.

"Hey Timmy... How are ya" - Curtis said smiling giving him an bro fist.

"He still won't come out of here" - Tanya said sighing

"Listen kid I need your ration I will trade you in mine for it" - Curtis said as timmy runs away.

"Oh great" - Edgar said

"Come on" - Curtis said as they went after Timmy.

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