AMY???? WHY?!?!

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"Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!" El said as I entered the house. She was looking like a fish out of water. Her hair was a mess, she was wearing a loose light blue shirt with a pair of jeans and....OH MY GODS she was wearing normal slippers. I had never seen El like that.

"Hey El and what has happened to you? Are you okay?" I asked.

"Ugh! Stella, ever since you left I've been horribly upset. My parents....they are busy with their work as usual. You were the only person who actually cared about me. My best friend-cousin sister. I was feeling so lonely and I heard about your becoming a vampire thing." she said and hugged me tight.

"I missed you so much" I said.

"Me too" she said. I told her everything about me.(Its everything about you you you....okay now onwards with the story)


We decided to leave for camp as soon as possible. Again that weird portal. Anyways, we went through it again and reached camp unusually fast. I guess time flies when you want it to go slow. We walked to the gate and I stopped before entering. Harry laced his fingers through mine and said "Its gonna be okay" and smiled. I smiled back. We entered and everyone looked at me with a surprised expression. Someone ran deeper into camp probably to call Percy. After some time I saw Percy come running toward me maybe the slap was going to be too hard. But, surprisingly he did not slap me, instead, hugged me very tightly.

"Next time you leave like that, this hug will turn into a slap." he said.

"Sure" I said.

"Alright, now go to your room. We'll talk later." Percy said.

"Alright" I said and ran to the Poseidon cabin. I opened the door of my room with a huge smile. But my smile soon melted into a horrible frown.

"WHO. ARE. YOU?" I said as I saw a girl sitting on my bed. She had light brown hair with green highlights. I could not process what I saw. It did not even look like my room. All my one direction posters were taken down and replaced with 5SOS posters on which things like "I love you so much Luke" or "Ashton you will always be MINE" written on them. A 5SOS song was playing on the music system. Wait.....a music system? I did not even use a music system. I had my IPod and earphones. She had replaced my favorite blue lamp with a stupid piece of junk.

"Hello, my name is Amy. I'm Percy's younger sister" she said with a smirk. I rushed out of the room and went toward the sword fighting arena where I would find Percy.

"PERCY!" I screamed.

"Woah woah Aqua. What's wrong?"

"What's wrong? Who the hell is the girl in my room?"

"Oh her? Yeah....long story"

"Now this is something I want to hear"

"Look.....while you were gone, this girl sorta....came to camp and said that she was a descendant of Poseidon. Her mom was Poseidon's daughter and so...."

"You claimed her to be your sister"


"Do you have any idea what she did to my room? It does not even look like I used to live there."

"You gotta share Aqua. Don't be so moody"

"I'm being moody? Percy, she is not even your sister"

"Aqua, I did what I had to do!" Percy said.

"I am NOT sharing a room with her" I said.

"Where are you gonna go then?"

"Why do you even care?"

"Because you're my sister"

" Oh really or I think you have replaced me with HER" I shouted and left. I ran to the creek to spend some time alone. Being a vampire my running was really fast and again, I bumped into Harry. I fell over him and he said "Gods Stella, calm down".

"Sorry" I said.

"Everything okay?" he asked. I realized that my eyes were tear stained, I didn't even know that I had been crying.

"Yeah....Harry can you please let me spend some time alone? I sorta gotta deal with a lot of things now....I'll tell you everything later" I said.

"Okay" he said and ran off.

"Wow" I said to myself. Then I sat near the creek and dipped my legs in the cool water. Then I started to think about everything especially AMY. I hate her so much. She took my brother from me. I got up and decided to go practice sword fighting. it makes me forget about everything. I went to the arena and took out riptide. I started practicing with all my force. I kept repeating the same moves for a very long time. I got tired of it and just sat on a nearby bench with tears streaming down my face. I always thought that I'd be happy in camp but no....everything had to go wrong. I decide to stay in the guest or the "unclaimed" cabin. I went to take some of my clothes and as soon as I entered the room, loud music almost killed me. I pulled the plug out of the socket so that the player would turn off.

"Oh," Amy said with a disgusted expression.

" the one whose room was taken by some teenage junk without even a notice. Yes indeed it is ME" I said.

"Look....whatever your name is. You don't have to be so melodramatic about everything" she said.

"Um....I hate you"I said.

"Nah you love me" she said with a playful expression.


"I know you do" she said again. I stomped my feet and started to say something when Percy entered the room.

"What?" we said in unison.

"Jinx" we said together. "You owe me a soda" again, we said it together. The we kept jinxing until I left the room in a really pissed off mood. I kept walking through camp when I bumped into El.

"Woah....easy girl where are you off to?" she asked.

"Guest cabin" I replaced.

"Why......????" she asked.

I told everything to her and her eyes widened as I went over each and every word.

"No are staying with me in my cabin" El said.

"Your siblings will not approve" I said.

"Pfft no they'll totally want you to stay. You don't know my cabin mates. they are really friendly and nice. Now come on fast" she said and held my hand and took me to the Demeter cabin.

"No way" they said as I told them about my story. It was 9.00pm and all of us were ready for bed. We were wearing our nightdresses with a huge bowl of popcorn in front. When I finished saying my story, Shannon, a girl who was sitting next to me said" Don't worry, you can stay with us. Now you're one of us" I smiled and the lights went out which meant it was time to sleep. The demeter cabin demigods creating a really comfy bed for me made of flowers and nice soft orchid pillows. I had a good night's sleep.

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