Bey P.O.V.

"Jay can you come here?"

Jay: Yeah here I come. *coming up the stairs and into their bedroom* Wassup bae?

"Can you help me pull my jeans up?"

Jay: Umm yeah.

Jay walked over to me and he gripped my skinny jeans and he pulled them up and they came on. I went and I put on a blue t-shirt and my blue heels. I put on some red lipstick and I came out of my closet and saw Jay on the bed on his phone.

"Alright bae I'm leaving."

Jay: Okay. *not looking up from his phone*

"Baby what are you doing?"

Jay: Huh?

"What are you doing?"

Jay: Nothing just a little research.

"For what? *sitting on the bed*"

Jay: The other day when Noah was here he was on the phone with someone and I just got a little suspicious.

"Alright you have fun doing that I'm going to go visit my daughter."

Jay: Which one?

"Both were going to go to the beach and then we're going shopping."

Jay: Do you need money? *looks at Bey* Wait no go put on some different shoes.


Jay: Bey your four months pregnant and you are wearing heels.

"They're 3inch heels tho.

Jay: Those are 6inch heels Bey."

"Okay they might be 6inch heels, but I don't like wearing flats."

Jay: You are going to the beach so why do you need heels? Matter of fact why are you wearing jeans to the beach? Go put on some shorts and flip flops.

"Yes daddy."

Jay: Thank you now I am gonna go downstairs and make some phone calls real quick.

"Okay, but help me out of these pants."

Jon P.O.V.

"Are you ready yet?"

Chloe: Hold on I am putting Gracie in her swimsuit and then I'll put her dress on her.

"Alright I need to go get JonJon so I'll be back in a couple minutes."

Chloe: Alright are you taking Adam with you?

"Nah, you got him?"

Chloe: Yeah.


I got my keys and I locked the door and I got in the elevator and went on the 4th floor and I knocked on Sarah's door and she answered it.

"Hey Sarah."

Sarah: Hey Jon. *hugs him*

"Is Jonathan ready yet?"

Sarah: About that you see I didn't know the colors so he is in his room sleep.

"That's alright I'll find something out of his closet."

Sarah: Alright his room is the one on the left.


I walked into Jonathan's room and I his room was white and red he had his toys in the corner of his room and his bed was in the middle of the room. He was still asleep so I picked him up and he woke up a little bit and I walked into his closet and I saw he had a white button up shirt and some dark blue jeans. I got that out and I looked in his shoes and this boy had a wall full of shoes.

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