Chapter twelve

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I shut the door behind me and grinned as I slipped my shoes off. 

Dan and I had only known each other for a short amount of time, surely he couldn't actually like me. Maybe there was something in his milkshake, I couldn't be sure.

Then, as I took my thin summer coat off, my happiness was shattered by realisation. 

He probably felt sorry for me.

He kissed me because he felt sorry for me. 

My stomach twisted into a painful knot and I winced slightly. 

Poor Monica. Pretty much a kleptomaniac. Gotten herself into trouble for stealing some fancy watch; I'd better kiss her! 

I was pulled out of my thoughts by Cerys. 

"What took you so long?" she asked, appearing at the door of the living room. She didn't sound happy to say the least.

Her black choppy hair was combed out, which was pretty unusual for her. Her make up was fairly dark and she was wearing a black skater dress with black converse. 

"Going out?" I asked her. 

"Yeah, and you're coming too." she declared. 

"What? No-" 

"I got some clothes out for you, they're on my bed. We leave in ten minutes." she said, smiling slightly. 

I didn't argue, no one could argue with Cerys. I didn't want to either, just in case it destroyed what seemed to be mending itself.

I sighed and nodded my head, trying to put on a brave face. 

I jogged up the stairs and opened her bedroom door, and sure enough, there, on her bed was what looked to be a tight dark green vest dress, well, it was supposed to be tight, but when I put it on, it was pretty much a floaty sundress. 

I picked up the thin brown belt that she had knowingly put with the dress and I fastened it to the tightest hole around my waist. 

Then I slipped her black heels on. Cerys was half a size smaller than me in shoes, so they weren't exactly roomy, but it was only for a night. 

I looked at myself in the mirror and frowned slightly. 

I didn't look amazing, I never really did, but because I felt stupid and gooey and nostalgic for twenty minutes ago, I decided to keep my hair and face the way it was, just so I could look like I did when Dan kissed me. 

I made my way down the stairs cautiously, because I really couldn't walk in heels, let alone heels that were too small for me. 

"Wooh, you look gorgeous, come on lets go before dad gets home." she said all in one breath, throwing my bag at me, I caught it, almost falling backwards on the stairs. 

We left the house and walked towards a black car that had seemingly just pulled up in the drive when I was getting changed. 

As Cerys walked towards the car, she began to look incredibly guilty. My eyes widened as she began to walk towards the passenger's seat of the car. 

"Cerys... What have you done?" I asked her, just before she managed to open the door. 

"Okay, Monica, I may have set up a double date for us..." she trailed off slowly, I stood, shell shocked. 

"What? Monica? Why would you do that?" 

"Well, Michael has a friend, and you two have a load in common and I thought you might-" 

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