Hold Tight

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*Justin Bieber hold tight is the song for this chapter*

Osckandria P.O.V

I woke up to see cam sleep in my bed with his arms wrapped around my sleeping so peacefully. I smiled to myself and lean down to kiss his lips and he kissed back. I was amazed at that but how could he kiss back if he was sleep he wasn't. "Cam I though you where sleep?" I said. "I was sleep until I felt your lips on mine and then I knew it was time to get up to see your beautiful face." he said and kiss me again. The kiss got intense and he started to take off my tank top and shorts. Now I'm only in my bra and panties as cam was just staring at my body and vitting his lip. That turned my on.

Cameron P.O.V

Osckandria's body was amazing. She had abs just like mine but mine are better but still it turned me on. She noticed me looking and she started to tease me. She would grind on me and kiss my neck until she found my sweet spot. It turned me on so much that it was my turn to tease her. I would grind on her and kiss her sweet spot and make her moan my name "Cam" she said in a whisper and I just kept going until she was moaning my name. It was like a angel from heaven. "Cam. MORE please MORE!" she was moaning. I started to take off her bra and kissing her to her breast. She moan and I started to kiss her up her legs until I reach he panties and took them off. She was moaning like crazy. It turned my on so much I had to hear more. I put in a finger and she let a loud moan. I put in another finger earning another moan from her. I pulled out and pulled off my boxer and asked "are you sure?" she just schooled her head yes and you know what happened. It was so good. She was so tight and it felt amazing.

Leilani P.O.V

Carter came to my house and we where watching a movie while I was sitting on his lap. A sex scene came on and it made me uncomfortable and I started moving on Carter's lap causing him to moan. He said "Babe stop teasing me" I didn't realize how much I was moving on him causing him to get a boner. He started to kiss my neck and found my sweet spot right away. I started moaning his name "cCareter" I said as he kept going and started to kiss lower and took off my shirt. He unclasped my bra and starting on my breast causing me to moan more. I started to grind on him causing him to moan and I keep going. He laid me down on the couch and i started talking off his shirt. I was kissing his abs causing him to moan even more. I went to his pants and pulled them down. He took off my shorts and panties and fingered me. When he was done he put his 10in in me and I moan his name making him go faster.

Ava P.O.V

Nash had came over and we where baking a cake and it got pretty messy. I poured the cake batter in the blow and then the flour and added some eggs a little bit of salt and some sugar. Nash came over and put flour in my face and I did it back. Next thing we knew was us covered in ingredients to make cake. I had some cake batter on my lips and Nash said let me help you with that. And he kissed me. The kiss got really heated and became a make out section. I was on top of Nash and I started to grind on him causing him to moan and turned me on so much. I was grinding faster and faster. He was getting so hard and that was making me so horny. He pick me up and put me on the table not breaking the kiss we where naked in less then ten seconds. He put himself in my causing me to moan and he stared going faster and harder. It was amazing.

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