Happy Brithday

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Elsa Pov

I wake up to realize its my sisters birthday

I get dressed and run to Anna's door


"Who is it"Anna said

"Anna wake up it's your birthday"I said

"My birthday!"said Anna

"I'll be ready in a sec just wait" Anna said

As soon as I knew it Anna opened the door

"How do I look" Anna said

"You look beautiful" I said

"Kristoff is here" I said with a smile

"Really" Anna said

As soon as I said Kristoff Anna ran to him

"I'll leave you two alone" I said

"Bye" they both said

I left and then I began to think.

I asked myself "when will you find true love"

I was so distracted that I bumped into someone

"I'm sorry I wasn't looking where I was going"

Thats all I'll write more in a few minutes

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