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As the sunlight hits my face as wakes me a up , I turn around to face the source of light which is not the sun. its a torch which is the work of my absolute annoying bff .

the light in my eyes dilate my pupils and makes it hard for me the open my eyes .

I groan in frustration.

"arghhhhhh! Trina , if you're trying to blind me I can assure you as hell you've succeded . now cut it out" I snap at her clearly irritated .

" well !then get out of the bed, lazy chicken! or you're brother will boil us alive ,we are already late for college "she snaps back..

"shit , what's the time ?" I reply jumping out of the bed and rushing here and there taking my towel and brush and rush to the bathroom as my friend here just smirks finding the situation amusing ....

not the same for me as I have an important lecture to attend first thing when we get to the college ..

"can you please take something out for me to wear please ?Trinaaaaaaaa " I plead joining my hands .

"oh! I wonder what you'll do without me "she stands walking to my wardrobe sighing

I smile and give her a flying kiss and I'm awarded with a shaking head

I close the door and concentrate on my bath .

"come fast or Ashton will kill you he's already bugging me lots "Trina calls ..

"what's taking you girls so long?"Ashton shouts ..

"see" Trina groans and waits for me to come out as I just giggle.

as I walk out wearing a bathrobe I see Trina laying cloths out for me with shoes .

the colour of shoes doesn't match with the dress . just as I was about to complain


she uses a charm to change the colour of the shoes.

"TRINA ! " I scold glaring at her .

"what ? oh this ,you're welcome"'she smiles in return

"ok ! fine sorry just come out soon "she sighs saying and walking out of the room.

just like that !

she knows we are not supposed to be doing magic out here but I think its fine in our home so , I let go and get ready .


I get out to find Trina waiting for me on the door smiling.

"ohlala! my magic worked you look hot Tori."

"thank you ,

but I was born hot" I reply smirking.

"oooh! modesty becomes you " Trina laughs

" yeah "

" did you two trip down on you're way down " Ashton remarks. as we roll our eyes and mouth 'boys' to each other the Tri smiles and mouth 'opps wizards 'as I laugh

and we both make our way down to the dining area where Ashton stood messing up the kitchen .

" what took you both so long " he scolds

" well we actually clean ourseles we don't just go out looking like a monkey like you"Tri retorted smiling one of evil smirks

while Ashton just made a face

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