My FIRST Bestfriend

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I Slowly Turned Around Praying That It Was Exactly Who I Thought It Was . "OMG Ty'eese" I Yelled In Her Direction As If We Were In The Streets Somewhere . Ty'eese Was The First Bestfriend I Ever Had In My Whole Life And Andrew's Sister . I Loved Her Like She Was My Own Blood . We Were So Attached To Each Other It Was So Hard To Separate Us When She Moved With Her Aunt . Ty'eese And Her Mother Barely Got Along , So I Knew Eventually She Would Have To Leave . She Was In My Life Before Tracy , Manny , And Anyone Else Who Had Importance In My Life Today . I Loved Ty'eese With Everything In Me And Now That We Were Reunited It Felt Like We Never Separated At All . She Was , Is , And Always Will Be My Favorite Girl . I Waited For Her To Finish Her Appointment And We Went To Mariella's Of Course , To Get Lunch .

As I Entered The Restaurant With My Childhood Friend , I Looked All Over For Her Brother , Andrew. He Was Nowhere To Be Found . My Heart Sank . I Loved The Food Here , But Dont Get Me Wrong , It Wasnt The Only Reason I Came . I Would Never Cheat On My Husband , But Andrew's Attention Kept Me Going Each Day For Years Now . I Loved His Company .

Ty'eese And I Sat Down At My Favorite Table And Waited On Our Menu's . I Told Her Everything That Went On In My Life From The Day She Moved Away , Until Today . She Rolled Her Eyes When I Said My Husband's Name . She Knew Manny , But He Wasnt My Boyfriend When She Left School . I Seemed To Make So Many Negative Choices When She Left . Some Choices That Bit Me In The Ass Today , And Some Choices That Would Fuck Me Over In The End Im Pretty Sure . Ty'eese Began Telling Me About Her Pregnancy And How She Was Two Months Pregnant Exactly . Her Husband , Ronnie , Owned a Chain Of Clothing Stores Here In LA . And She Was a Psychiatrist . I Wasnt Shocked , Thats All She Talked About As Little Girls . Ronnie Was Always After Her At School , But He Never Got The Time Of Day . Eventually She Fell For Him And It Was The Best Choice She Could Have Ever Made . He Was The Romantic Type . A Great , Loving , Loyal , Handsome Guy Who Was Huge On Family . I Knew He Was So Excited Ty'eese Was Finally Giving Him His First Child .

They Only Lived Three Blocks Away From Me And Had Only Been Living There a Week . Im So Glad We Finally Found Each Other Again . Its Not Gonna Be How It Was When We We're Children Because We Have Our Own Family Now , But We're Still Gonna Spend Time Together . I Finally Had Someone To Open Up About . Tracy Was Really Giving Me The Cold Shoulder Lately . It Was Just So Much Going On I Didnt Have Time To Be Chasing Someone Who Promised To Be There For Me , Including My Husband .

"Two 4 Meat Slices , Extra Cheese , Catalina , And a Sprite , Right". A Smile Immediately Came Across My Face Because I Knew It Was Andrew . He Always Remembered My Order And Paid Attention To What I Had To Say . "Hey Big Little Brother" Said Ty'eese , Running Over To Andrew As If She Hadnt Seen Him In a While , Which She Probably Hadnt . She Always Called Him Little Big Brother Because He Was Younger Than Her , But Bigger . He Had The Perfect Chocolate Build To Him .

I Definately Dont Need To Be Thinking About That . I Started Talking To Ty'eese Again To Forget My Thoughts . She Ordered a Plate Of Spaghetti And Meat Balls , Garlic Bread , And a Sweet Tea .We Talked And Talked As We Waited For Our Food . The Place Was So Comfortable  With Carpet And Cushion Chairs . Andrew Eventually Got Off , Ordered Something , And Joined Us . Of Course You Know He Flirted With Me All Night . I Only Giggled Telling Him To Stop . We We're Almost Done And So Was The Day . We Just didnt Want The Time To End So We Decided To Go To The Bowling Alley .

On Our Way Out , Tracy Walked In With a Friend .  Maybe The Friend That Had Taken My Time Away . Anywho , I Spoke , And Asked What They Were About To Do . They Decided To Join Us . So It Was , Me , Tracy , Ty'eese , Andrew , And Linda , Tracy's Guest .

By The Time We Got There , Got Our Shoes , And Started Our First Game , Everyone Had Gotten Familiar With Linda . Tracy Kept Trying To Throw Linda On Andrew , Why ? Idk Considering The Fact That We Had Already Talked About Andrew Plenty Of Times Together . However , I Wasnt Gonna Let That Ruin My Night Tho Because I Knew That Andrew Only Had Eyes For Me . Not That I Cared Or Anything , I Was Just Saying .

He Continued Flirting With Me As If Tracy Nor Linda Was There . I Continued Trying To Act Casual Because If I Showed What I Was Really Feeling , It Would Be Considered Cheating . Im Not The Type To Try To Get Even , If Anything , I'd Try To Fix Things Before Completely Giving Up . Seems Crazy , But Thats Just How I Was Raised . Even Tho My Parents Hated Manny , They Wouldnt Want Me Doing Wrong In My Marriage . Especially Not Knowing About His Current Actions .

We Finally Sat Down , Talked a Bit , And Planned A Weekend Trip . We Decided To Go To Hawaii From Friday Til That Following Wednesday . Me , Andrew , Tracy , Ronnie , Linda , And Manny If He Wanted To Go . I Didnt Plan On Telling Him Tho . After All , That Would Be Awkward And I Didnt Want To Ruin Andrew's Trip . By The Time We We're Done It Was 2:00 In The Morning . Everyone Got Tired Of Tracy Rushing To Leave So We All Went Our Separate Ways . I Thought It Was So Funny To Come Home Late , Having Manny Worrying About Where I Was . I Thought About It All The Way Home . Only To Pull Up With My Car Being The Only One In The Drive Way . I Laid In My Bed , Thinking Of How Everything In The House Was Exactly How I Left It . He Hadnt Came Home Since Yesterday Morning . I Soon Began To Go Deep Into Depression Again Until My Phone Rang , It Was a Text Message

          "Just Making Sure U Made It Home Safely . Text Me Back And Let Me Know Princess.

           Love , Andrew"

I Quickly Texted Back And Laid There Thinking Of How Sweet That Was . My Own Husband Hadnt Even Taken 10 Seconds Out Of His Day To Check On Me While He Was Doing His "Overtime" I Was Slowly Starting To See That Maybe , Me And Manny Were No Ways Like I Thought We Were .


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