Chapter 7

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            She was roused from her sleep that night while the moon was still bright in the Slateport sky.  A Swellow had come from Mauville bearing a message.  The maid had not known what message was brought, only that it was urgent and for the eyes Luna Love, Queen of Slateport, only. 

            Gardevoir teleported into Luna’s room in a flash, startling the maid.  “It had better be important for you to burst into my chambers while I sleep.  Gardevoir, see to it that my daughter is still sound asleep.”

            Princess Lily was such a bother at bedtime.  It had taken Luna hours to get her to finally fall asleep. 

            Luna descended the wooden stairs as if she had been born in the modest wooden lodge that the Marshes lived in.  Of course, she hadn’t.  Her old rooms in Oldale town where she and her twin brother lived when they were younger were infinitely more comfortable.

            To her surprise, her brother, the Chief of Oldale himself awaited her in the long hall that housed hundreds only last week.  Gallant Gallade stood by his side silent and observant, as always. 

In his hands was presumably the message that the Swellow had brought.  

            “Aunt Luna!”  Luna smiled as she saw her niece, Hera Love, arranging some baskets she had brought with her from Oldale.

            “So wonderful to see you again, my dear,” said Luna as she embraced the sixteen year old.  The girl’s Kirlia hovered through the air as watchful as Gallade and Gardevoir had been throughout her and her brother’s lives.  “Though I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow morning.”

            “We didn’t expect to be here,” said Hera.  “Yet Gallade had a vision from the future about an urgent message involving you, Aunt Luna.”

            It made no matter that her kin were here early, she was always happy to see them.  Luna turned her attention to her brother, Apollo.  “What does the message say? Is it my son?  Has he accepted the proposal?”

            “Yes. No,” smiled Apollo.  “Bad news, sister.”

            Luna’s heart dropped.  What had befallen her son, her last living reminder of her dear husband?  Yet if it was ill news, why was Apollo smiling?

            “Well? Speak,” she commanded her brother.  Her whole life she had been at the mercy of Apollo’s tricks and pranks, yet know that she was his queen, her word was his order.

            “Have patience,” the smirk was softer on Apollo’s face now.  “Chris is fine, he is in Mauville with the Princess Sarah Spark and his two friends.”

            There was a silence as if her twin was leaving something out.  She knew her twin’s word games like the back of her hand, however.  “And King Marcus?”

            “He rides to Rustboro with all speed gathering an army about him.  They say an army from Mt. Chimney approaches Rustboro.  Chief Stone says they have counted five thousand campfires at night.”

            Luna was not happy with the news.  Did Carlos Brightflame finally regain the courage to resume his endless dream of conquest?  At least this time, the one she loved most would not be participating.  Prince Chris was still safe in Mauville’s palace.

            “That’s good of him to write me,” Luna said finally.  “The boy has finally learned some sense as to let his mother know how things are coming along without me having to figure it out on my own.”

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