"Tahli?" My name left his lips effortlessly, his hot breath fanning my bottom lip. I shivered, and I didn't think it was from the harsh winds whipping at my hair. 


He took a sharp breath, tracing my jawline with his thumb. "One day, my surname will be yours. Ours. We will be one moon, one whole. I have never felt so complete in my life, Tahli." He seemed lost in his own thoughts. I couldn't tell whether he was still talking to me, or himself. "Tahli Moon, doesn't that name sound beautiful?" he murmured with so much sincerity, his eyes locked onto mine. 

I couldn't believe that I could call him mine.

I turned my gaze to look at the full moon displayed extraordinarily above the tall silhouettes of the trees. 

"Look how much it shines for you," I whispered, dazed. He used his index finger to gently turn my face back to facing him. He slipped his free hand into mine, lifting it up to waist height. A ray of moonlight spilled across my skin.

"No. It shines for you. I shine for you, Tahli. Only you."

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