Part 5

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The car ride was quiet.. We pulled up to hooters

Jasmine: hooters? How.. Before I could finish he cut me off

August: I'm sorry but my mind was telling me to come I know you don't like girls with big boobs around ya food but... I cut him off

Jasmine: haha boy I'm not worried bout them why would I be worried when I got a nice body.. I was gonna say how did you know I was craving the wings with extra hot sauce from hooters

August: oh haha but u CRAVING .. Something in yo stomach

Jasmine: nooo . I bust of laughing

August: oh .. He said laughing

Jasmine : we just gone sit here or get something to eat yo

August: right let's go

We walked into hooters and then a girl with watermelon boobs walked up to us..

Waitress: hello my name is jade and follow me to your seats.. Ok can I get you guys something to drink

Jasmine: I'll have a sweet tea

August was staring at her boobs

Jasmine: august august !

August: huh

Jasmine: what do you want to drink..

August : oh um sprite please

Waitress: ok I'll be right back with your drinks .. The waitress winked at him then he smiled

I don't know why but I was getting a little jealous.. It got quiet so I need to think of something quick to make him laugh..

Jasmine: it isn't polite to stare .. I said laughing

August: I know but her boobs was big af

Jasmine: Waab I know she need a loose shirt

August just started smiling at me..

Jasmine: what? I said smiling

August : your nothing like other girls if I was on a date with someone else they would get mad if I brung them to hooter and they would have spazzed out if they saw me looking at the girls boobs

Jasmine: ha they jealous that's all honestly I think too much jealousy ruins relationships.. Then I thought to myself did he say a date.. Wow

August: your beautiful you know

Jasmine: thx your handsome

August: thanks shawty

The waitress came back with our drinks and when she put our drinks on the table she poked her chest out when she gave august his drink.. I was a ill jealous I had to do something.. I reached over the table pulled august close to me and kissed him passionately when the waitress was still there.. She just rolled her eyes and took our order.

August: wow what was that for .. He said sucking his bottom lip

Jasmine: you should try this frie .. I shoved it in his mouth. The rest of the dinner was quiet then we left

August: it was nice being able to take you out tonight you were amazing

Jasmine: aw thx.. I have him a hug he grabbed my waist then I pulled away

August: you never told me why you kissed me

Jasmine: oh so I can't kiss you now

August: ion have a problem shawty them lips were soft af but I was just wondering

Jasmine: ok ok I was a lil teeny weeny whittle bit jealous

He just smiled

Jasmine : we'll I got to get going see ya

August: let me walk you to your door

We walked to the door then started a lil convo

August: you think I can take you on another date

Jasmine: fosho shawty.. Then I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek

August : nah you my shawty.. He said smiling then walked off

I went in the house it was dark and it smelled like vanilla .. I went upstairs took a shower and went to bed I was tired

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