As you may have guessed, I will be writing a sequel to Believe in Me! I hope you're all excited :D

I'm aiming for the next book to be more darker and awesome than BiM. That will fail, so I apologise in advance.

Chapter 1 has already been written, so that will be up ASAP. Yay!

Also, any one shots would be nice. I'd love to read your views on Sherlock and Flora. Nothing too *cough, cough* If you have any ideas, inbox me on Wattpad or DM me on Instagram. Also, if any of you have Instagram, let me know and I'll follow you (Fandom accounts only)

I may add a bonus chapter to BiM, as well. Maybe...

Oh, yeah. Book 2 will be called 'The Haunting Past'


I hope to see you then.



P.S- thank you all for reading my first story and giving it 15K reads and 1K votes! I never expected so many! You all have a blessed day.

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