I watched the words slip out of Kailee’s mouth. I couldn’t help but to laugh at myself like an idiot to see all the mess I have put myself in. 

“What’s so funny?” Kailee asks confused. “I’m so sorry. It slipped.”

“Nothing just slips Kailee.” I stop laughing and tell her. “God you can’t keep anything to yourself.”

“Lola is my best friend.” She says seriously. I know she isn’t feeling so guilty anymore. “Ashton wasn’t supposed to hear.”

“Right.” I say and roll my eyes.

Yes, you could say I was pissed off, but it was more to myself. I know I shouldn’t have told anyone about this in the first place. Now I understand why Ashton had been pissed off at me and why all the boys were avoiding me.

How did I get myself into all this mess?

Luke. That’s who put me into all of this mess.

“Bella.” She frowns and walks up to me, but I back away.

“I think I need some air.” I tell her and walk away from her. 

I’m not mad at her. I honestly can’t be mad at anyone. Just like Drew. I don’t know, I guess we learned to be kind to everyone even if they have done you wrong. Of course Luke is an exception to that.

It’s like today has been “let’s be complete assholes to Bella” day and it sucks. You just get this really horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach when everyone you’re sort of close to is suddenly against you.

I grab a backpack and pack a pair of clothes and put on my pajama. Maybe I need a night out of this campus. 

“Oh c’mon you can’t possibly be that pissed off at me.” I hear Kailee say. 

“I’m not mad. I just need to take a breather.” I tell her as I pack some make up. 

“Fine.” She seems like that one that’s upset. 

I make sure I call a taxi as I fix some clothes for tomorrow. 


The taxi calls to say that he is here and I grab whatever things I packed for tomorrow and walk to the door. I turn back to Kailee and I see her in bed reading a book, stealing a couple of glances at me. 

“You know, it just sucks.” I tell her after the whole thirty minutes of quietness. “Having all these people avoiding you and being complete assholes to you and you have no idea why.”

She looks at me seriously and walks up to me.

“Trust me Bella. I know that feeling.” She says and I forgot that she had gone through almost the same thing not that long ago. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” I tell her and walk downstairs to the taxi outside.

I text Drew to tell me the address for the hotel and he does right away, without asking questions. I ask the taxi dude to stop by a nearby store to grab snacks to take to them. 

I quickly go inside the store and purchase their favorite organic vanilla ice cream, veggie chips and I get my bag of gummy bears and a Vitamin Water. 

I pay for the things and go back to the taxi. In two minutes we get to the hotel. I give him the money and get out. I look at the hotel and I gasp at how nice and big it was. How could they afford something like this? I mean they both do have okay money, I guess, but Drew normally wouldn’t waste it on something like this.

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