Chapter 4 - party

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"Oh my lord" was all Immy could say when we got there. The place was packed with fans of the actors who were starring in the film.

"I know" I muttered.

"Ok, pout a little, pose a lot, and smile the other times" Clyde pulled his sleeves and walked ahead of us. Well he didn't need to tell me twice, that was basically my job. We walked and I smiled to the photographers and turned so they could see my back and I pouted at them giving a signature pose. The rest was mainly my smiling, even though the fans were here for the actors some asked me for autographs which is always exciting! Clyde, Immy and I walked as a trio me first then Immy then Clyde to the final place before we went in to be seated.

"I need to pee" Immy whispered to me and I couldn't stop laughing while the paparazzi were taking photos, watching her squirm not waiting to go inside was too funny! We went in, Immy rushed to the toilet and met us where we were sitting and we watched the film.

3 hours later we left the cinema and walked to Lyre Lion. The film wasn't three hours long it was just getting through the fans and waiting for a clearing so we could get away from the crowd, but it was good I just couldn't for the life of me remember what happened, I was staring at the fabulous actor who was the main guy the whole way through, fan girling a little bit that he was somewhere in the same room as me. There was a massive queue, thankfully we didn't need to wait in line we just walked straight in. Like Clyde had predicted it was around 11 when we got to the club, and like Dave to always be punctual he was at the bar across.

"Hey!" We said to him, he was wearing jeans and a shirt giving him a casual look. Dave was around 6"1 and I'm pretty sure if he wasn't gay a lot of girls would be into him, well they are until they find out he's not interested in them and Dave doesn't even realise he's actually more attractive then he thinks he is.

"Been here long?" Clyde was the first to ask.

"No just got here actually"

"Ok so let's party!" I whooped and bought drinks from the bar for everyone. The music was pounding and we were all having fun, dancing together and not noticing the people outside our bubble. I went to get my second drink choosing for something different this time, when the bartender have me the drink I reached for my purse.

"It's on me" I felt a hand go over mine and stop me from getting my money out.

"Thanks" I took the drink and stood up to go to Immy.

"Wait! What's your name?" The stranger asked, I couldn't really see him well because of the dark lighting in here, I guess he couldn't see me too well either.

"Mia, yours?" Since he wanted to talk.

"Kane" I waited for three seconds before he didn't say anything more and I left to join the rest.

"Hey who was that you were talking too" Immy was dancing still.

"His name is Kane and he payed for my drink" gesturing to my almost empty glass.

"Ooo is he fit? Was he nice or a just another sleaze"

"I couldn't really see him that well, he had a nice voice though" I laughed "well he didn't hit on me so maybe he's nice" I finished the drink.

"Can you see him right now?" She asked, we walked to the bar once again.

"Erm no actually" I craned my neck to try and look for a tall figure, but then I don't really know what else to look for.

"That's a shame" she pouted "now you'll never know if he was a potential"

"You know what, I think I'll be okay" I laughed, Immy was the typical romantic and 'was all about giving people a chance'.

"Good to dance again?" I asked but was already pulling her by the arm towards the dance floor. We partied on till the early morning with no more people interrupting the night. Dave, Immy and I didn't drink a lot tonight and even then we didn't get drunk easily however Clyde was a lightweight and he was leaning on Dave as we were walking out.



Sorry! I know in the previous chapter I said I cut it into two, well now it's 3. It just makes more sense to me, so sorry about the once again shorter chapter.

Writing this chapter I realised I hadn't given the main character a name! How terrible of me! So I chose Mia on the spot.

Yeah all the people so far have turned out to be on the taller side haven't they? XD eh I'm tall so that's why I've made everyone giants!

I left the drink Kane bought for Mia up to you but personally I chose the cosmopolitan. Well it looks fun being red and all but I'm too young to drink so I don't really know which drinks are good.

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