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"Oh, hey, Astrid, hi there, um, hey!" Hiccup stuttered. "What are you doing here?"

Astrid glared at him. "Oh, you know."

Hiccup didn't know. He kicked Dexi's tail under Cloudjumper's wing, who paid no attention to it. Valka was just watching calmly by his side.

They were in the Cove - Astrid had just come down, Stormfly trotting behind her, and Hiccup desperately trying to hide Dexi's non-fake tail fin.

"Where's Toothless's saddle?" She asked suspiciously. Hiccup laughed nervously and patted Toothless's (a.k.a Dexi's) head.

"Oh, I thought he could use a break, to relax a bit, you know."

Astrid wasn't buying it. "How did you fly here then?"

Hiccup was stumped (literally - leg and all).

"Er, we flew, over the trees, in a straight line... So I didn't have to use his tail."

Astrid tried not to laugh in disbelief. "You can't lie to me, Hiccup."

Hiccup looked sad. "I know. I'm sorry."

"So you were lying!"

"I never said that!"

Astrid was stubborn - she would not give up this easily.

"Let's see his tail."


"Because I want to see it."

Sensing Hiccup's discomfort, Dexi shuffled backwards. She was smart enough to keep her tail hidden, and Cloudjumper carefully sheltered it with his massive wing.

"He's doesn't like showing it."


By this time, Dexi had successfully manoeuvred herself to the edge of the Cove. Luckily, Hiccup and Astrid were to distracted with their argument to notice.

"Stormfly might laugh at him!"

"No she won't!"

Now was Dexi's chance - she climbed as quickly as she could up the wall of the Cove, tail on full view.

"It's bloody and you won't want to see it!"

"I love blood!"

At last Dexi made it. She sprinted to the forest, her keen nose sniffing our her rider.

After running until she couldn't hear the bickering couple, she soon found Lyra and Toothless preparing for another flight.

Both their faces lit up as they saw her.

"Dexi!" Shrieked Lyra. "Toothless - you can walk. I'm flying with her."

Toothless growled.

"Kidding, Mr Alpha."

The two Furies greeted each other enthusiastically, Dexi trying to explain the best she could in dragonese what had happened.

Toothless seemed to get it, as he leapt away through the foliage towards the Cove, where Hiccup and Astrid could still be heard yelling at each other.

"He won't li- wait, where's Toothless?"

Astrid looked over where Dexi had been sat. "He was here a minute ago."

Hiccup turned round. His dragon was gone.

Valka piped up for the first time since Astrid had arrived.

"He's here. I put his flight gear back on." She gave a believable smile, and Hiccup practically fell over with relief.

Toothless galloped over to his rider, and Astrid sighed.

"Fine. I believe you. Can we go home now? There's something I need to show you."

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