Chapter 8

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((Ciel's POV))

"Sebastian," I looked at him. "I love you."

Sebastian watched me with a shocked expression.

((Sebastian's flashback and POV))

"Father," I said."I am in love with my bocchan."

My father laughed.

"Fool," his eyes became pink."Isn't his soul your only purpose being with him?"

"But now it is more than that,"I protested.

"Son,"he sighed. "I fell in love with my mistress but I suffered when she died because of me. You can not be with him forever no matter how much you love him. Being in love with humans will kill them."

"W-What?!" I was shocked.

"If you be in love with humans their soul will rot away leaving nothing but flesh," he became silent. "Listen to my advice son, you and him, is just butler and master."

((Ciel's POV))

"Um," Sebastian avoided my eyes."I'm sorry, I just want to be butler and master. Nothing else."

My eyes started to water. He is a demon and I am a human.

"Sebastian," I avoided his eyes. "Take me back to the Trancy household."

Sebastian looked shocked but took me there.

"Huh?" Alois looked suprised. "Do you want anything?"

"I have decided," I looked at him.

"What is your decision?" He had a wide grin on his face.

"I will be yours," I breathed.


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