Chapter 3

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I woke up with the light through the window I groaned and I slowly dragged myself out of my warmth.

I checked my phone and the time was 9:56, I checked I'd I had any messages and I had one off James

Hey you see you at 1ish:)

I didn't reply to it I just put my phone back on the bedside cabinet and jumped into the shower.

I brushed my teeth and dried my hair. I straightened my frizzy ball (my hair) and put some spray on it to stop it going frizzy.

I walked over to my wardrobe and I picked out a white floral top and dark blue skinny jeans. I slipped on my clothes and did my make up I didn't put a lot on I just put mascara and eye liner on.

I ran downstairs and got greeted by mum and a cuppa tea.


"Morning cuppa for you there"

"Awe you know me too well" mum chuckled

"I know" I laugh.

"What you doing today then sweet?" " I'm going to James for a sleepover is that Okay?"

"Yeah what time you going?"

"About 1ish" I smiled

"Okay do you need anything?"

"Errm no don't think so but thankyou" I kissed her cheek lightly and ran upstairs excitedly to pack.

I got my night bag from under my bed and packed underwear, top, jeans, onesie, toothbrush, hairbrush, phone charger, make up and other things.

After I packed I checked the time and it was 12:30pm I make one last check to see if I have missed anything and I ran downstairs with my luggage and I slipped on my black vans.

I walked into the kitchen and mum was sat at the table sipping her coffee.

"Hey sweet, here's some money just incase you want some snacks or something"

"Mum I dont want your money" I said regecting her offer.

"Please take it" she replied with a smile.

"Fine" I said taking the 10 pound note from mums hand and shoved it in my purse.

"I'm going now mum"

"Okay sweetheart see you tomorrow"

"Okay love you bye"

With that I walked out of the door and headed to James' house.

I got to James' house and knocked on the wooden door. I waited for a answer and eventually the door opened and I got greeted by a tall blonde boy who was Tristan.

"Hey smelly"

"Hey" I said smiling and hugging him before he invited me inside. I got greeted by the two boys but I couldn't find James.

"guys where's James" I say abit confused

"Oh he's gone to the loo" replied Brad

"Okay" I smiled

After we chatted for about 10 minutes James came down smiling.


"Hey lets take your stuff upstairs"

"Okay" I grabbed my bag and James took it out of my hand and we both headed upstairs

"dont do anything silly?" I heard Tris from the living room

"dont worry we won't" I shouted back laughing

We got to James room and I sat on the double bed.

"Hey come on let's go back down" James said handing his hand out for me to take and I accepted it and we both walked to the top of the stairs but James stopped and bent down alittle

"James what you doing?" I said laughing

"Jump on my back"

I jumped on his back and he ran downstairs.

"James stop it" I say laughing as we entered the living room we were greeted by someone I never met before.

I got off James back and sat down between Tris and Con.

Who is she?

Hey guys hope your enjoying it I will upload later or tomorrow :) x

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