chapter 3

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read this chapter if you want to learn some of Gemma's past

Gemma's POV

What a dick! Now I definetly hate Wilmer! Seriously doesn't he realise how old he is? What a dick!

I could tell he wasn't happy when Demi invited me to Taco bell and when I called him Wanda again, to be honest I could barely understand what he was saying, his accent is too strong for me sometimes.

We all got in my car and I made Wilmer sit in the back with me and Demi in the front. Me and Demi were chatting and laughing while Wilmer awkwardly sat in the back, I can tell being a passinger isn't his favourite place to be.

We arrived at taco bell, and I parked as close to the place as I could. We walked in and sat at the table after we had got our food, I was so in the mood for this right now.

W - so, Gemma how did you enjoy the show?

G - oh well it was very good, again sorry I was late. I promise I was on time the last time I went, oh and that show was great too and-

D - WAIT! you have been to one of my shows before?!? Demi asked me.

G - oh yeah I went to one of your shows on your on the unbroken tour, it was amazing! I had so much fun, my mates loved it.

D - why the hell didn't you tell me?

G - well I was going to, I really was but then I knew you would be shittin today so I left it. But it was one of the best shows I've been to.

D - omg yours so mean! ahah, in the corner of my eye I see Wilmer.

There is a waitress girl leaning over a table cleaning a table and Wilmer is checking her ass out, really! His GIRLFRIEND is 2 inches away from him. Ii nod to Demi to get her attention, she looks up at me and I twitch my head towards Wilmer.

She turns her head to see what I mean, she looks and shakes her head. Really, if I was her I would have put him right. I let it blow over. but I text Demi under the table.

To demi xoxo

so! Whats the reason you and dickhead have been on and off for 2 years?!

Demi reads the text and looks up at me with worry in her eyes.

from demi xoxo get mad but he has cheated twice, and one other time where we just didn't work out, but I always go back xx

when I read that, I swear steam was coming out my ears. thats it I'm done!

to demi xoxo


using her full name, she knows I'm really mad, she looked at me with sadness in her eyes. She didn't reply though,we finished up our food and went to leave. I had to ditch Wilmer though.

G - hey dems! wanna go shopping?

D - uh yeah sure, for fun or do you need something?

G - no just for fun now hurry and get in the car.

Demi headed towards the car and got in, I saw Wilmer about to get in the back but I pushed his door closed before he could get in.

G - sorry Will, this is girls time, I know you are secretly a girl but I dont think they'll let you in the changing rooms with us or anything, in case you might I donna perve on some girls ass! (i made sure he knew what I was on about) so you can't come.

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