I love you (demi lovato and ross lynch)chapter 8

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Carrying on from last time (remi kissed yayyy)

(Remi kiss)

Demi:(pulls away slowly)wow

Ross:(smiles)yh wow

Selena:(walks in)hey you guys we are going to play truth or dare wanna come????

Remi:yh sure (walks out)

(With the rest of them)

Miley:who's starting

Demi:me me me

Miley:okay demi truth or dare


Miley:I dare you to kiss ross


Ross:(leans in)

Demi:(leans in too)

(There lips touch)

Demi's pov:when are lips touched it was like no one els was alive it was just me and him and nothing could bother us it pased 5 minutes but we got broke apart because of the rest of them...

Sorry it is short I will update later and it will be much longer cause I'm going swimming now so bye xoxo

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