North Korea

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North Korea

Human Name: Seung Li Soo


China: China is like a father to her. He feels a little guilty that he only puts up with her because his capital controls her.

South Korea: He is her brother. Over the years they have fought over everything, at meetings, public. N.K wishes they could make up, but it is for the better of her country. They both will stick together if it means living.

Japan: N.K HATES Japan.

America: N.K hates him, too. Leaving him to try and figure out why.

Russia: is like a uncle or brother.

Personality: She is quite loud but will keep quiet about her country, leaving a mysterious aura, Tsundere very strong in war.

Wears: Usually and red an gold traditional dress

Hair: Brown and in braid

Eyes: Amber

Skin: Pale

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