To My Sunshine.

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Hi hello hello hi. ;)

this is supposed to be a song but as for now I need your opinion on the lyrics. my very very good best friend is coming up with a tune so please bear with us.

your opinion will be so much appreciated!!

negative or positive, I need to hear it. :) 



~ I'm mesmerized by your freckles and green eyes

Whenever I see them I feel oh so nice

if you ask me how much I love you

count the stars

then multiply it by two

you make me so happy, I could cry

you don't know but if you try

you'll see how fast the butterflies in my stomach fly


you live a hundred million miles away

I can't look you in the eyes and say


Do you how many sleepless nights I spent just thinking of you?

thinking of how can we be together and have our future planned too

but I know it will never happen

but if it did

I swear I won't let anyone or anything

take it all away

but I guess

I have to wake up someday


~ I really like looking at you

its like looking at a perfect picture, a perfect painting a perfect scene

just looking at you it really makes my heart sing.


You live a hundred million miles away

but I know you'll notice me someday

and I can't look you in the eyes and say

Repeat chorus


I know its all in my head

someday we'll meet

someday you'll realize you're all I need

don't think this is fantasy

cause boy,

I'll do anything just to make you see

Chorus. <3

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