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Pen Your Pride

|| Carter ||

"Carter?" He woke up to the sound, of his mom opening the door, and knocking loudly. "Yeah mom?" Carter grumbled. "You have a letter. It looks like somebody was in a hurry writing this to you." She said, as she gave him the letter. Carter rubbed his eyes, and opened the letter. It was very creased, and the letter had stains on it. Tear stains, to be exact. 

He read the letter, and it said, had torn him apart. Not because he felt bad, but the way Jane felt. 

"Dear Carter, 

Why did you have to come back? Why couldn't you just left me alone, once you found out about that? I was doing okay with Ashton, and now, it's all crumbling down. It would be better, if you just left. 

Why can't you just leave me alone? I don't need you anymore. I have Ashton, Calum, Luke, and my brother. I don't need anybody hurting me, anymore. I'm already trying my best with Ashton, and the rest. Please, just leave me alone. 

I don't need you in my life ever. I can never forgive, nor shall i even tolerate you. 

Stay away from me, Michael, and most importantly, Ashton. 

This time i mean it, 

Jane Clifford. "

Carter got dressed up, and ran to her house. He threw pebbles to her window, until she woke up. She opened her window, with a rather irritated look, turned to complete shock. "C-Carter what are you doi-" "Please, don't say anything, until i'm finish! I'm sorry okay? I messed up, because Zoey brainwashed me. I'm sorry i messed up, and i know i deserved that slap, but now, to answer those questions, here it goes, I came back, because i need my bestfriend back. I couldn't leave you alone, because i felt horrible, and i couldn't live, knowing that happened to you. All those hurtful things, hurts me." "Carter-" "Please, i'm not finished. It wouldn't have been better, if i left. I can see it in your eyes, the sadness, the pain? I need to help you. I can never leave you alone Jane. You may have them, but you need me too. I would never hurt you again. I know you are trying for Ashton, and i can help you. Please, forgive me!" He screamed at her. 

"Oi! What are you- Carter? Get away from my sister, and us!" Michael said, as he came charging to Carter. Carter stood his ground, and waited for the impact, but all that ever happened, was someone yelling, "Stop!" Carter looked up, and saw Jane wrapped in the arms of Ashton, as he gave carter a small smile. "Please, let me talk to her Mikey." Carter begged Michael. 

Michael eyed him suspiciously, before saying, "If it's okay with Jane." Carter looked up at Jane, and she glared at Carter, before she nodded her head. Carter gleamed in happiness, after rushing to her room. "Please, do it for me. I know you miss him, Jane." He stopped in front of her door, and was listening to their conversation. "I do miss him Ash, but i can't trust him." "I know you can't. If he breaks his promise,i'll beat him up." 

"Jane?"  Carter went inside, because he couldn;t hear of their conversation anymore. "Ash, can you please go downstairs... I have to talk to Carter. Alone." She said, as she hugged Ashton one last time, before he walked out. "Hi Janey." Carter said, as he gave her a small smile, as sat down on her bed. "Hey Carter.. Please explain, right now." Jane said, as she sat down next to him. 

"Okay, here ti goes. Zoey was my first friend back in the U.S, and i had to make friends, so Zoey was there.. I didn'tmean for her to be my bestfriend, but she just ended up it. I didn't wanna de-friend you, because you're the only bestfriend, i could ever have. The day at the mall, was a big mistake. I didn't mean for it to happen. I feel so stupid for even listening to her.. When it was night time, i texted you that i was sorry, but i couldn;t sent it.. I guess it had something to do with Zoey, i don;t know. When i gave you those letters, i meant for them, for you to keep, because i trusted you with them. Apparently, before, Zoey found them, and read it. You see, she switched the notes, that were attached to it. I never wrote that. I simply wrote this." Carter said, as he fumbled with a small piece of parchment from his pocket, and gave it to Jane. 

Jane opened it, and it read, 'I am so sorry Janey. Write me letters ASAP, and i'll write you back. I love you bestfriend. xx -Carter' 

"W-why would she do that to us? especially me?" Jane said, as she put her hand on her mouth, as she thought about everything, that happened. "She thought you were gonna take her away from her. She's crazy i tell you." carter said, as he rubbed circles on her back, as she tried to breath properly.

"I can't trust you Carter, but i forgive you." Jane breathed out. "I will never hurt you.. Ever." Carter promised, as he hugged Jane. 

"Please, don;t make promises, you can;t keep." Jane whispered, as she softly cried on Carter's shoulder. 

Happily reunited and forgiven with each other, their story, has finally started. 


Sorry for the long ass wait. School started on the 18th, and i'm so fuxking tired. 

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