Tyler's POV

Today is the day we are moving back to Chester. The place where I spent my entire childhood at. The place where I was born. The place where I had my first girlfriend. The place where I met Ron and his family for the first time. The place where Jenny lives. I honestly love Chester more than anything in this world. That place plays such an important role in my life. The only thing I am scared about is that is Chester still the same as before? Will my friends and Jenny forgive me?

Ugh.. I'm so nervous! Ron and I are currently at the airport, waiting for our flight. Mom left a 2 months ago but we didn't go with her because it would be weird going mid-semester, plus we needed time with our other friends! 

"Tyler! Can you chill already? You guys were like 15. Chester is gonna be great." said Ron, who obviously knew everything that happened then. 

15 year olds who loved each other's company. "I'm gonna miss LA though.. I love the city life. Chester is really homy but there isn't much to do" 

This is the boarding call for all passengers travelling from Los Angeles to Philadelphia via San Francisco in United Airlines 777. 

"God the travelling sucks. We first have to go to San Francisco, then go to Philadelphia from there. After that We'll have to drive an hour or so to reach Chester Springs. Ugh a whole day gone." says Ron.

"I think its nice in a way.. It's been a while since we travelled together. Plus I need time to prepare myself for school tomorrow."

He pinches my cheeks and says, "Aww aren't you a cutie".

We then went towards the boarding line. God the wait. Then I noticed that the lady at the business class counter.. I smirk. 

Ron notices and gives me a questioning look. I simply say, "What good is being charming if you can't get any privileges." He knew right away what I meant.

I switch lines to the business class line. I go straight ahead, giving her the sexy look. Tania. What a hot name. 

She bites her lips.. Oh she is so turned on. 

"Hey gorgeous, could you do me and my pal a favor. I am too tired to wait in line for like half an hour to get in. Could we just walk in through this less crowded entrance?"

"You sure can but it will be unfair to our other customers." I knew she didn't mean that. 

"But I am sure you can be a darling and do it for me anyway. I will return your favor with anything you want.."

She stamped off our boarding passes and said, "Let's just say you're in for a very long flight."

Needless to say, it was indeed a very eventful flight.. I am sure all the passengers hated us for taking up a toilet for most of the journey....

Jessica's POV

"OH MY GOD! I cannot believe this." said Kacey as she was talking with our other friends, Trisha, Claire and Safiya. 

I went up to them and asked, "Hey girls, what's happening? What can't you believe?" 

"Tyler and Ron are coming back to town! According to our sources Tyler's mom is already back and the boys will be back tonight."

"Oh for fuck's sake! Does this world hate me? Carson and Alice and the study pressure is already too much. I cannot handle this"

"Babe, I know its hard but I'm sure he is over it. You just need to act normal." said Kacey.

"Wait.. what's going on? Who are these two? Why is this news affecting Jen so much?" asked Claire. She joined this school in Junior year so doesn't know about all this drama. 

Trisha, being the gossip queen she is started to fill her in by saying, "He used to basically be the school's Carson in sophomore year. Carson was still popular and people called them rivals but everyone knew Tyler was king. He dated Jen for like 3 weeks before he suddenly left for LA. Jen thinks that it has to with her eating chicken wings like the sloppy little shit she is."

Claire took in the newfound information and asked, "Why is it a big deal then? 3 weeks in sophomore year is like nothing."

To be honest, I didn't know why it affected me so much, it just did. We didn't even kiss but what I felt for him was huge. I had a huge crush on him for like a year before we were finally paired up for a group project and hit off. 

Oh my god, tomorrow is going to be so awkward. 

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