Chapter Three - Trying To Remember You.

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Chapter Three - Trying To Remember You.

| April |

I slightly struggled to get up from the bed but my feet seemed to tremble a bit, I managed to get up even with my wobbly legs. Jon asked if I need help but I refused and tried to take a step. But once my foot was out, I felt a cold liquid touch my delicate skin and it made me flinch a bit. I accidentally slipped and thought I was going to fall but Jon caught me in his arms and our eyes met, dead silence fills the room as Jon & I stared at each other. I shook my head and tiredly stood up, dusting myself off. Everything felt awkward afterwards.

"A-are you okay...?" Jon spoke nervously, scratching the back of his neck in total awkwardness.

"Uh, yeah. Thanks for catching me, I guess I'm clumsier than I thought." I spoke slowly, sensing the silence.

"You'll have to use your wheelchair, you can't walk." Jon suggested, taking the wheelchair out from behind the room door. I nodded in agreement and Jon carried me bridal style, setting me down on the wheelchair as he opens the front door of the hospital room open and he strolled the two of us down the hospital halls.

"Yuck, never liked the smell of hospitals." I commented as Jon strolled us towards the elevators located nearby.

He chuckles, "Yeah, whenever we would always visit the hospital, you'd always react like that."

"Why do we visit hospitals?" I asked, out of curiosity.

Jon pressed the big red button and we waited for the elevator to come down.

"We're wrestlers and as wrestlers we either get injured in real life or just in script." Jon said, a small smile on his face.

"Where do you wrestle?" I asked.

The doors opened up and Jon strolled the two of us inside, he pressed the ground-floor button and the doors closed and the elevator began moving down.

"We wrestle all around the world. We usually wrestle in certain places inside of the USA like in Miami but when we have live shows, we do it outside of the USA like in Australia or in France." Jon explained but then sighs deeply, "When we do live shows, we would always go out and show the world our love. But now, I don't think we can ever do all those things ever again."

I slouched on my wheelchair and pouted, "Even though I still don't know you or anyone else around here, I still believe I can regain my memory. Even though I don't remember any memory of us being together, I still believe when I regain my memory, we can try 'us' again." I told him with a smile on my face.

His sad face slowly turned into a smile, "Heh, you always know how to make me smile, April."

"I try." I said and the two of us laughed.

The elevator made a dinging noise and the doors separated, opening it up for Jon & I could exit. Jon & I continued to stroll past through the busy halls of the hospital until we finally arrived at the hospital's cafeteria, Jon placed me in front of a big and wide white table and presses the lock on the chair before heading into the cashier to order our food. I placed my hand under my chin as I stared at Jon, that was when I felt a strange vibration somewhere near my legs. I ran my hand through the pockets of my hospital dress and found a phone inside, I pressed a button and the phone lit open. The wallpaper was a picture of me & Jon, Jon had green cupcake frosting on his nose while I was sitting beside him with a cupcake on my hand. I couldn't help but smile a bit, Jon & I seemed to be happy way back then... Until this happened.

"Hey, what're you doing with my iPhone?" Jon's voice rang.

My head shot up to see Jon holding a tray full of food in his hands, he places the tray down and takes a sit beside me. He then places a bowl of mushroom soup and a side of salad in front of me, I smiled and thanked him as he places his food on the table.

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