Same old shit.

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As I made my was to my first class I met you with my homie Murda.He looks like Tyga with Less tattoos.We hang out so much that everyone said I am his Black Chyna.But he was just a brother to me plus he was the only person who knew about my extra curricular activities so to speak.

"What up ma'."He said stepping in sync with me.

"Same old shit,just another day.You know what it is."I mutter as we make our way to the 2nd floor of the school.

"Mmmhmmm I see you looking kinda fly today bout time yo ass stop wearing them big T-shirts and sweatpants everyday."He says.I ain't even been with him for 5 minutes and already getting on my nerves.

"You can miss me with that shit you talking a'ight,beside who I'm tryin' to impress in this raggedy mutherfucka."I bark back.

"Have you forgot who you speaking to,I put niggas in the ground in case you ain't know,and stop cussing so goddamm much a lady and supposed to talk like that."He jokes with me.

"Murda,when have I ever been a lady?"I ask and laugh he stares up at the ceiling like he was really thinking.

"Damn you right I'm starting to think yo' ass is a dude fo'real."We laugh and begin walking again.When I hear a girl call his name from behind us.I turn to see London.She a cool ass chick no lie,we just never kicked it.Word was she had some crazy ass brother in prison.I really don't why and I really didn't care.

"Aye imma go holla at this little fee-fee I'll see you later Real."He said giving me a small hug before walking  towards London who sends me a little smile and wave.I give her a head nod and keep it pushing.

They day flys by and before I know it I'm flopping on to my California king sized bed at peace.Unfortunately it didn't last long. I had to go to my trap on the west side to get half a mil worth of coke and, drop it off to this dude from Columbia at the strip be 7:45 tonight and it was already a quarter past 3.I pull myself up and walk to my closet once again.I grab some black jeans and combat boots and change.I had slot of time before I had to leave so I curle my hair and do some light make up.

By the time I was done it was time to leave. I walk a few blocks to my weed man Marley, who lived around the way.When I got there I didn't knock I just walked in.Instantly the smell if kush feels my nose and I can barely see through the thick haze of smoke that clouded the house.

It took a second for the smoke to clear but once it did I was greeted with 12 guns to my face and a shot gun aimed for my chest.I look to see a shirtless Marley with a blunt hanging from his lips.

"Aye I know we cool but don't be walking up in here like that get yo' ass clapped ."He says poking me with the shot gun and walks to the back room.His boys look at me for a second before backing off me.I groan and make my way to the back room.

"So wassup you need some more fire."Marley ask as he checks his plants.

'Naw I need something stronger but calmer,James been on my ass for some shit lately.His bum head ass was at my door at 5 in the morning beggin and shit."I mumble looking down at my phone to check the time.

"a'ight I just got a pound of some new shit I'll give you half.Give it to him bet he won't be at yo door for a month."He says blowing smoke into the air.When he's done rapping it he hands it to me,but before it's in my hand he pulls away.

"I need you to do somethin' for me."He says.I look at him blankly waiting for him to continue"Hook my up with your connection in Colorado and Washington."I think for a second to see who I know will give him the most cash.

"Ight I got some people out there, they might like yo shit.I'll see if I can work somethin' out."Marley looks at me not moving."I promise."I add rolling my eyes.In all the years she knew this dude he had never second guessed her power and Marley knew that he just wanted to see her mad.

"Fasho I'll see you Real."Marley say walking me to the door.I hop on the bus and ride to the west side.Once I get to the trap I walk inside to see Murda yelling on at Mo'nique.She was naked standing over the stove with an oxygen mask.I made all my worker strip down while in the trap for safety reasons.

"You need to hurry the fuck up.You still got 8 more kilos to break down."Murda bark orders at her.She just rolls her eyes and continues at the same slow pace.I rush to the my room down the hall.I walk to the back of my closet and push in a code.The wall slides back revealing another room.I walk into the all black room this was one of my bunkers.I push the bed over and open my safe.

Inside there was approximately 3 million dollars worth of powder and ecstasy.I grab a black and gold Luis Vuitton.After I place everything in the bag I walk out to see Murda and Mo'nique dry humping on the Kitchen counter.

"Aye nigga cut that shit out you forgot we got shit to do."I yell and the both jump apart.Murda looks at me lost for a second then recollection crosses his face.

"We taking my car."He says roughly  pushing Mo'nique off him.She rolls her eyes at him and goes back to work.

"Nah I wanna take mine.I ain't pushed my baby in a minute."I say as we walk to the garage.We hop into my G-Class benz and make our way to the Cosmopolitan. hotel.

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