Part 8

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Part 8:

Its been a 3 months since I left Calum's and he has stopped messaging me, calling me. I don't know if I should be happy or upset. I mean he really was the only reason I stuck around for so long without him I would have tried sooner than I did! But he threw it away for a what a fake blonde? You can tell that shit came from a bottle. (( Lol Jenna marbles moment)) . "Honey I'm home!!!" Ash sang coming into the kitchen which cut me out of my thoughts. I giggled and said, "oh how was work dear?" We both bursted out laughing and Mikey and Luke walked in. "Hey!" They said at the same time. "Hey guys." I replied smiling and hugging them. "I have to go out real quick I'll be back kay?" I informed ash. "Alright. " he shrugged and went into the living room with the others. I went upstairs and changed out of my pajamas and into a gray oversized sweater, with black leggings, and black boots. I headed out to the car and to the mall. I was there for a couple hours when I went into the mall bathrooms. There public bathrooms and the only ones they have are coed. Ew!! But that's not the worst part I walk in to find Calum and Katie kissing. "Really? In a bathroom?" I scoff and turn around. I head straight to my car and drive off. I dont even know if calum followed me and i dont really care. Once i got to Ashton's i grabbed my bags and headed straight upstairs not saying hi to the guys. I locked myself in my room, I sat on my bed, leaned against the wall and put my legs up to my chest wrapping my arms around them. So it really is over. Everything me and Calum had is gone. I know it seems stupid of me but i always hoped he would storm through Ashton's door, come in kiss me and say 'everything is going to be fine. I know im and idiot. I'm sorry please I love you.' Of course it never happened. I really loved him but I guess he didnt really love me. That's when i got a text from my friend Emma saying, "look at Calum!? Whose the blonde bitch?" It was a photo of him with Katie holding hands and looking happy. That's when I started thinking. Was i ever really happy with Calum? He never looked at me like he does her. Maybe its lust maybe not but maybe I even fooled myself by making myself believe i loved him. Images start popping through my head, memories of me and calums relationship then flashes of my time in rehab and my time with ash. That's when I realized it, I love Ashton. The flashbacks of me and Ashton having small food fights and pillow fights, cuddling up watching tv, him singing me to sleep if I have a hard time, reassuring me everything was fine, our midnight swims and those moments he plays 80s music and dances around like an idiot. I've never been more happy than I am now. I'm in love with Ashton Fletcher Irwin.

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