Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Demi's POV

So yesterday was great, I had so much fun with Dani and Dylan. I was so happy that Dani told me she was bi, I might have a chance with her. Anyways today we are not going anywhere but we invited Dani, Ayden, Andrew , Dylan and Liam for lunch. They're supposed to be here at 1:00pm and now its 10:39am.

I walked to the kitchen to see mom making breakfast. I walked behind her and hugged her from behind.

" Good morning momma" I said smiling as I kissed her cheek.

She turned to face me with a smile on her face.

" Morning sweetie!" She said then continued making breakfast.

I walked to the living room where everyone else's there. I sat next to Marissa and Maddie with a smile on my face.

" Why are you smiling like that?" Dad asked giggling.

" Duh because Dani is coming!" Said Dallas and I blushed a bit.

" Awwww Demi is blushing!" Marissa said making me blush even more while everyone else was laughing.

" So does she-" Maddie was cut off by mom.

" Guys breakfast is ready!" Mom yelled. Thanks mom!

We walked to the table and sat. Mom made pancakes, bacon and eggs.

After we had finished eating, I walked with my mom to the kitchen helping her with the dishes. We washed the dishes and when we finished I wanted to ask my mom what is she gonna cook for lunch today.

"mom what are you gonna cook for lunch?" I asked curiously.

" Buttermilk fried chicken" mom said and I smiled widely. Mom giggled.

" Do you need some help?" I offered.

" Nope, thanks" mom said smiling.

I walked to my room to choose an outfit for today, I want to impress Dani. I decided on a tight black leggings, a simple white shirt, leather jacket and black high heels. I have no idea what to do with my hair so I'm going to ask Marissa or Dallas. I walked back to the living room and sat with everyone else. I unlocked my phone looking at the clock its 11:51am, I sighed. I decided to text Dani while everyone else was interested in the movie.

*Text message*

Demi: Hiiiiiii

Dani: Hey! Woah you seem very happy!

Demi : Duh of course I am, you're fucking coming!

Dani: So you're happy because I'm coming?😜

Demi: Yep!🙈

Dani: oh my god😂

Demi: So its going to be a looooooong time 😔

Dani: why?

Demi:idk, when it's going to be 1pm.

Dani: Take a nap and the time will fly.

Demi: you think so?

Dani: yup!

Demi: okay, thanks and bye!😝💗

Dani: No prob! Byeee☺️💕

*End of text message*

Dani's POV

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