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on the fourth day, i helped you plant some flowers.

when i walked in, you were already out in the garden in a pair of oversized dungarees and a flannel.

"flo" i yelled.

you turned around, flashing a wide smile that revealed your beautiful dimples.


"what's up"

"just planting" you grinned.

i picked up a bag, half full of seeds.

"pansies" i read, and you turned around, walking over.

"they're beautiful, aren't they?"

"very" i smiled, looking at the picture on the front of the packet. "can i help?"

"of course."

so we planted the seeds together, me sneaking a few glances at you as you focused on the flowers.

and when your eyes

met mine

i swear i had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

- liam


he didn't sketch but i thought i should leave it there idk

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