6 months.

6 long and miserable months you had to live without your best friend, Niall Horan, because he was on tour. Niall and Sam were your only friends because you are kind of a wallflower (A/N: who has seen The Perks of Being A Wallflower or read the book?) You were extremely shy and the only one that you could really talk to was Niall.

"Y/N, stop moping around! It's not the end of the world!" Sam yells at you to get yout attention.

"Yeah, to you it isn't." You mumbled.

"Guess what? I'm taking you to the beach." Sam tells you.



"No!." You're really not in the mood to do anything.

"Yes, you are! Just come with me!" You agreed so you could stop bickering. "Yay! Now go change into you're swim suit and let's go, you nerd." As much as Sam was pushy and the complete opposite of you, you probably wouldn't be able to survive without her by your side. The reason you missed Niall was because you loved him. But, he would never like a silly wallflower like you.

You had to wait 4 more months before he came back and moping became so boring which is why you agreed to the beach. It's time to live a little for once in your life.

At the beach

Sam went to go check out some "gorgeous" guys which meant you were all alone. So while you waited for Sam, you decided to take a dip. While you were in the waterm you heard an Irish accent call your name. That's weird. It sounded like Niall, you thought in your head. Nope. You're just imagining.

"Y/N?" You here the voice again. You decide to turn around and you come face-to-face with the blonde Irishman you fell hopelessly in love with.

"Niall?" Your voice cracked as you said his name. He pulled you into a hug that lingered longer than expected. That is until someone decides to coughs awkwardly...

"Oh, Y/N. These are the lads I've been touring with, Liam, Harry, Zayn, and Louis." As they each said hello to you, Niall then whispers in your ear. "Come talk a walk with me." You follow Niall as the lads say inappropriate things to you two like, "Get some, Niall!" As you looked over at Niall, you noticed he was... Blushing?

He pulled you close to him and said, "Be mine?" You don't think you heard him right as you stare at him confusingly. "I can't live with just being friends, Y/N, I have loved you since... forever. Please be my girlfriend and make me the happiest Irishman alive?'

"Yes and I can't believe you feel the same way."

"Thank God. That would have been embarrasing if you had said no to me." Then, he pulls you into a kiss to start life in the best relationship.

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