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Ps: Is LA one of the many states in the US that allowed same sex marriage?, if not, then pretend they're allowing it in this story, : )


Can it be that I've been staring at the ceiling of our bedroom longer than I thought it would be. 'cause I'm pretty sure I laid down on this bed to wait for Harry at exactly 7:00 pm.

I turned my head sideways to look at the wall clock in our room, It says 12 midnight.

Where can he be? I slowly got up and reached for my phone, I gripped it trying my best not to click his number and call him, I don't want to be clingy, or think of him as someone I do not trust, even though it's not my fault he's making me feel this way, he's the one with the secrets after all. But then again, I am going to be his husband, and he needs to tell me about this secret now or never.

I clicked call and waited. It rings once, twice then three times … he's not picking up.

"Harry here, I'm kind of busy today so please leave a message after the beep" Harry's voicemail rings through the phone.


"Harry, where are you? It's already 12 am, I'm worried that you've gotten into trouble or something, I'm just nervous because, tomorrow is our WEDDING, call me back okay?" I said

I dropped my phone on the bed and sighed. I laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling once again, slowly, I drifted to sleep.


I flutter my eyes open to see a figure standing beside the bed, I knew it was Harry from the worried look on his face.

"Louis?" He calls out, as he drops his bag down on the floor and slowly laid down on his side of the bed,

I felt his rough hands sliding from my stomach to the right side of my waist, he pulled me towards him and let me face him. Our faces were only inches together, I closed my eyes and felt relieved he's finally here. I didn't bother asking where he was, 'cause that's not important right now, what's important is that he's safe and he's right beside me.

"Louis?" He calls out once again, I hummed as a response and tried once again to go back to sleep, I heard him sigh beside me.

"Are you asleep?" He asks, I'm too sleepy to answer, so I stayed still.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry" He says, I felt a pang of guilt inside me, he thinks I'm asleep, and now he's saying things that I know I'm not supposed to hear in the first place.

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