Chapter 13.10

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Chapter 13.10

All he sees is trouble ahead

‘Team Infinity! It’s time to leave!’, King and the girls heard the pilot call out to them.

‘Coming!’, Helena yelled back as she, Elisa and Rose ran to the helicopter, leaving King and Maria alone.

Maria looks at King, a sad smile on her face.

‘So…I guess this is goodbye, huh?’, Maria said sadly as she looked at the ground

‘…For now’, King replied.

Maria smiles at him sweetly as she moves slightly closer to him.

‘Thank you King….for everything you’ve done for me for the past two days…..’, Maria thanks him as she moves right in front of him.

‘Ah…Don’t mention it’, King replied as he turns his head to the left to avoid eye contact as his face goes slightly red.

Maria giggles softly before leaning in and kissing King on the left cheek, making his face go completely red. After she pulls away, she giggles again and runs off to the helicopter.

As she’s about to reach the helicopter, she turns around and waves at him, ‘That was so you’ll remember me till next time.’

Maria winked at King before walking into the helicopter, which took off a few seconds later leaving King staring at it as it left, a dumbfounded look on his face.

‘What…the fuck?’, King finally stuttered out as he came back to his senses.

As he finally shook of the stunning effect of Maria’s kiss and started walking to his waiting helicopter, his comms device went off. King sighed as he placed the earpiece into his ear.

‘Hello’, King said, a tinge of irritation in his voice.

‘King! That you bro?’, King heard Crown’s excited voice through the ear piece.

‘No, it’s the boogey man…Of course it’s me, you idiot!’, King replied sarcastically.

‘Great to see that you’re still alive man. Ok, listen I’ve got big news’, Crown told King, the excitement in his voice fading and worry replacing it.

‘What is it?’, King asked, getting slightly intrigued due to his friend’s sudden change in mood.

‘We sent all the information we found from our attack on the convoy to the New U.N. They decided to have and urgent war meeting between them, The Legion and The Order heads….’

King sighed in frustration.

‘What the bloody hell are those idiots thinking?! Our guys worked so hard to get that info and they’re just gonna confront The Order without a plan….Fuck this shit man’, King cursed as he got into the holding bay of his helicopter.

‘Yeah….and it gets worst’, Crown replied solemnly.


‘They’re holding the meeting at Rakkenhima High School’, Crown informed him.

‘Fuck! Why?’, King cursed into the comms as he banged his fist against the helicopters metal wall.

‘Well, it seems they wanted a more…centralized place or some shit like that....’, Crown replied him, sighing heavily.

‘Fuck…’, King cursed again.

‘Look I know you’re not happy about it….but I need you to keep a watch over the meeting. You’re the closest guy to the meeting area….Please King’, Crown pleaded.

‘….Fine’, King replied as he sighed loudly.

‘Thanks man…I’ll see you back at base then’, Crown replied before cutting the call.

King took a seat on one of the seats, leaning back and closing his eyes. He brought his right hand up to rub his temples once he had taken of his sunglasses with his left.

‘Damn…this is not gonna end well’, he mumbles as the helicopter takes off and flies in the direction of his base.

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