Sakura viewing, afternoon

Jeanne: It's such a beautiful day, especially for our picnic.

Pirika: Yeah! Too bad Nana couldn't come

Yoh: It can't be helped. Let's just invite her next time.

At the inn

Nana was lying on her bed with a wet towel on her forehead

Nana: Damn, I really wanted to go to that sakura viewing! A-achoo!

There was a knock on her window. When she walked towards it and opened it, she saw Hao standing on a nearby tree in his red kimono.

Nana: Hao? The heck are you doing here?

Hao: I'm gonna nurse you until you recover.

Nana: I don't need nursing especially from you.

Hao: Say what you want but Yoh asked me to.


Yoh and the others were having a picnic until Hao appeared before them.

Yoh: Onii-chan! (older brother)

Hao: *narrows eyes* Don't call me that. Anyway where's Nana?

Yoh: Nana's sick. If you want, you can stay with Nana at the inn to keep her accompanied.

Hao: Gladly *disappears*

Anna: *SKI* Y-O-H *glares*

End of Flashback

Hao: Well, that's the story. So let's take care of each other okay? *smiles sweetly*

Nana: It's official, I am so gonna kill Yoh. *Super Killer Intent*

Back to Yoh and the others

Yoh: *shivers* Someone wants to kill me!!!

Anna: Don't worry Yoh. I'll kill you first before they kill you *glare*

Yoh: *cries waterfalls* Tasukete!!! (Help!)

Back at the inn

Hao entered her room as he looked around for a bit before he finally turned his gaze to the blonde girl, who now lay again on her bed.

Nana: What?!

Hao left the room silently which confused Nana.

After a while

Hao came back with a pot of hot porridge and set it on Nana's lap, who sat up.

Nana: you cook?

Hao just shrugs.

Nana took a spoonful and ate it

Nana: It's delicious!

Hao: Glad you liked it.

As she finished eating, Hao noticed something from Nana as he pressed his forehead to hers.

Hao: Your fever's still high

Nana just kept blushing as his face was so close to hers. Nana suddenly jerked backward then shakily stood up

Hao: you shouldn't stand up. you're still sick.

As if on cue, Nana collapsed as he caught her effortlessly.

Hao: *sigh* See what I mean?

He gently laid her to her bed and was about to leave when he felt a hand grab his kimono.

Hao: you really don't want to part with me don't you, you tsundere?

He sat down at the side of the bed and leaned down to kiss her. He then laid himself beside her and slept.

That Night

After Yoh and the others returned, they peeked on Nana's room. The girls began to giggle while the boys either smirked/grinned/walked away/chuckled/blushed. Hao's hands was hugging Nana close to his chest while Nana snuggled closer to him.

Next Morning


The end

How did you guys like it??? Anyway here's an extra scene :9 sorry for not updating for awhile.

Nana: HAO!!!

Hao: WAIT!! Calm down! N-Nana, wait I-I can explain!


The others who were spying just watched the Shaman King get beaten up by a girl.

Here's another extra

Hao sat at his throne as he rubbed his aching cheek

Hao: Ow! that woman sure knows how to pack a slap. Kind of like Anna. She's the second one to- no wait Anna was the second one to hit me. First was my scary mom. *shivers* Girls.

SO how was it??? Sorry I was not able to update for awhile. I will finish one more oneshot and then I will focus on The Rich Lady and Mr. Popular. :D

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