Old Tunes

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I'm working on a part 2 for Paradoxes Don't Allow You To Come Back...


The Doctor was just resting in his room, looking up the constellations up on the ceiling when he heard a beautiful tune. It was a Gallifreyian tune, coming from the music room. He stumbled out of his room and went to the music room. Once he got there, he opened the door, to see Clara, playing the tune on the piano.

Once she finished, he clapped and she jumped.

"You were watching?" She asked as he took a seat next to her.

"Yea. You play beautifully, can you play some more?" He asked and she nodded. She began to play another Gallifreyian tune and he put his head on her shoulder, smiling. She looked over once she had finished and she realized he's been crying.

"You alright?' She asked, putting an arm around him, and pulling him closer.

"Just that... What your playing brings back old memories.." She knew what he was talking about, Gallifrey.

"We'll find Gallifrey Doctor, don't you worry." She held him tight and he held her tight in return.

"Don't make me lose you. Not you." Clara smiled at his kind words.

"Can you keep playing?" Clara nodded, moving her hands away from him and to the piano keys. That's how Clara and the Doctor spent their day, in the music room, listening to old songs from Gallifrey.


Short and I'm sorry.

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