The End

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Author's Note:

Last chapter before the epilogue!!

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She dropped everything and ran through the deserted beach but the man was too fast. Exhausted she dropped to the ground giving up, tears streamed down her face, she had failed.

Someone pulled her up and pointed in the direction she guessed he had gone running away she realised she hadn't even thanked him, looking back into such deep brown eyes he disappeared as a car went past.

Shaking her head, she kept running until she saw him sitting down talking on his mobile phone, lunging forward she grabbed the crown that he had abandoned on the floor next to his feet and ran for five blocks until she made it to the hospital.

She pulled on the doors but they wouldn't open, looking through she saw the time, 6:05pm. Ella was gone.

She yanked on the doors one last time and they opened, she rushed through, smiled at the nurse and went up three flights of stairs and into her sister's ward.

Her parents were sitting outside, silently crying into their sleeves. She gasped when she entered; her sister was unrecognizable.

Hundreds of tubes connected her to many machines, her hair was only present in clumps and her skin was pale and bruised purple and blue. The once alive, beeping machines were silent.

She placed the crown on Ella's head and repeated her wish just at the serpent had told her, "I wish my sisters cancer disappeared forever!"

Ella opened her eyes to beeping machines, the bruises on her skin disappeared and her hair grew back.

Her parents rushed in to see Ella's eyes flutter open.



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